The most famous airlines in Saudi Arabia with the new jobs available

المسافرون العرب

Learn about the most important airlines in Saudi Arabia, the extent of luxury enjoyed by each company, and the difference between them in addition to the jobs available in airlines on the Arab Travelers website.

Major airlines in Saudi Arabia:

Airlines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia play a very important role as they work to shorten long distances, reduce the length of time to travel, and connect between the cities of the Kingdom and each other through internal travel or link between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world by providing distinct and unique services in international transport.
The companies have huge fleets of modern technical aircraft that seek to develop themselves every day, in order to stay in competition between companies through the comfort of travelers, and provide everything they want, and we will review the most important companies in Saudi Arabia and a simple overview of each.

Saudi Airlines Airlines:

  • Is the company of national aviation in the Kingdom, and it was established in May of the year 1945 AD, and efforts have been intensified and made many expansions and huge projects in order to improve its services and increase the number of trips it undertakes and the destinations it targets, until today it has become one of the largest companies in countries The Arab world, which makes many trips every day to hundreds of destinations around the globe.
  • The Saudi Arabian Airlines company seeks to provide all amenities and reassurance to passengers, and today it has a huge fleet of aircraft equipped with modern technology, and it is always striving to develop to be the best.
  • It is the first airline around the world to add the Airbus category to its flights, and today more than 500 flights are made every day from the various airports in Saudi Arabia between Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Madinah and Abha.
  • It is one of the first companies that established the SkyTeam alliance in the Arab world in 2012. The company also seeks to stimulate tourism within Saudi Arabia by making numerous dazzling discounts and offers for citizens and facilitating ticket reservations through the partnership’s application, through its website, through unified phone services, or through Saudi Arabia’s online flight reservation sites.

Saudi Gulf Airlines:

It is one of the private airlines that compete on the scene and has obtained the license to carry out national air transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the end of the year 2012 AD by the Special Authority for Civil Aviation in the country.
The first flights by air were performed by the Saudi Gulf Airlines from Dammam Airport to Riyadh to Jeddah and to Dubai and many other airports, and it has made many great discounts to attract travelers at the beginning.
The Saudi Gulf Air Company purchased 16 C-Series aircraft by a Canadian company called “Bombardier” during the Bahraini Aviation Exhibition, in order to provide its fleet of aircraft and provide more comfort and luxury for its passengers through its own flights inside and outside the country

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Saudi Arabian Airlines:

It is one of the first private airlines to appear in Saudi Arabia, which is mainly affiliated with Qatar Airways. Al Maha Aviation Company obtained a license to transport passengers by air from Saudi National in 2012, and the company’s primary center is in Jeddah.


It is one of the first companies that provided its services in air transportation to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the most important thing that distinguishes them is the provision of economic aviation services at reasonable prices, still maintaining its audience and passengers until now with great competition thanks to its offering low prices for the rest of the airlines in the square. There is a headquarters for flynas in Riyadh.
Work began in the company in the year 2007 AD, and it is one of the promising companies that enjoy an impressive fleet of aircraft that includes about 27 aircraft, and it provides more than 27 flights each day inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also provides many services for the convenience of travelers through its many airlines And in order not to be their last experience.

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Jet Black East Airlines:

It is also called Mid East Jet, and it is one of the first private companies that worked in air transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad, where its origins date back to the year 1993 AD, and it provides flights to more than 20 countries in various parts of the world, and it has a very large fleet of excellent aircraft It is of Airbus class and Boeing category. It is also one of the best companies for first class seats, premier seats and excellent tourism classes. You can book your next flight to the destinations provided by the company through its website and amend the reservation at any time you want it.

Jobs in airlines in Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi Gulf Aviation Company has announced through its website about the presence of vacancies related to technical work, in addition to administrative jobs and it accepts everyone who has a bachelor’s degree, and diploma in many disciplines now and the work will be through the company’s headquarters in Dammam:
Among the most important united jobs in the Saudi Gulf airline:

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  • Aircraft repair and maintenance technician is required.
  • Senior Relationship Manager with clients required.
  • A correspondent manager with regard to flights is required.
  • Flight attendant crew required for aircraft service.
  • Customer service specialist is required.
  • An aviation maintenance technician is required.

It is easy to apply for the jobs we mentioned on the company’s website, or you can send your CV to the job mail in electronic form, which is: [email protected] The representative of the company will contact you or your representative as soon as there are vacancies that suit your qualifications.



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