The most famous ancient places in Cairo are recommended to visit

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The most beautiful guide Old places in Cairo Cairo is one of the very charming places, as you can enjoy watching all the historical places with the magical tourist places while enjoying the scent of history, all in one place which is the city of Cairo, and there are a lot of ancient historical places in Cairo that you can enjoy, As you can wander between the pyramids and between Khan el-Khalili and other places that we will take you with us on a quick tour to get to know them.

The most famous ancient places in Cairo:

1- Pyramids of Giza:

The three pyramids of Giza are one of the most famous ancient places and tourist attractions that many people accept inside and outside Egypt, and why not, and it is one of the seven wonders of the world that dates back more than seven thousand years, and you can also enjoy a tour on the back of a camel or horse for Get to know the whole area and watch it.

2- The Sphinx:

You can visit the Sphinx statue, which is one of the huge sculptures as it reaches 73 meters in length, and it is also legendary forms as its body is the body of a lion and a human head, and it was carved from limestone, you can enjoy a free tour in an area The pyramids and the Sphinx, but in the evening you can listen to the history of the pyramids and how they were built, as well as the history of the Sphinx and a full explanation of the Pharaohs through sound and light.

3- Khan Al-Khalili:

It is one of the most places that enjoy a great tourist attraction, whether from Cairo or from outside, as it is one of the main attractions for tourists, and Khan Al Khalili is one of the oldest markets in the Middle East where he is more than 600 years old, you can start your visit and tour of Khan Al Khalili by looking On the rest of the old bars, overlooking the Al-Hara Street, you can also get a number of old copper or old handmade carpets.
But if you are a fan of obtaining the Pharaonic miniature statues, you can obtain statues that match the original statues for the sake of keepsake, and do not forget to take a number of rare memorial photos in this ancient place.

4- Cairo Tower:

The Cairo Tower is one of the very important tourist attractions that many people go to visit in order to enjoy it. The Cairo Tower has been designed in the shape of the Egyptian lotus flower, and it is located in the heart of Cairo and directly overlooks the Nile, and is considered one of the huge towers as its length is about 187 meters, that is, it is higher than the pyramids of Giza.
You can start your tour from Cairo Tower by riding the elevator and wandering between the floors of the tower and the elevator will take about 45 minutes until you reach the end of the tower, then you can stand on top to see the entire old Cairo, as the tower takes in one minute to watch Completely old Cairo.

5- Al Moez Street:

Al Moez Street is one of the most important streets that you can enjoy visiting, which you should not miss, as Al Moez Street takes in one moment to the fragrant history, as you can enjoy a free tour and see the relics of old Cairo, and you can also enjoy wearing The ancient Egyptian costume, between the Pharaonic or royal costume, or the Bedouin costume and other various forms, and you can also buy a large collection of old crushers and handicrafts.

6- Baron Palace:

It is one of the most beautiful ancient palaces that you can see and visit in Cairo, and it was named this name in relation to the Belgian millionaire Baron Roles, who came from India in the nineteenth century, and inside the palace there are a large number of doors and balconies that were attractively designed, as well In every corner of the rooms there is a column bearing a thin statue of ancient Indian statues.
You can also enjoy a wide range of paintings that were designed with colored mosaics, but if you go up to the roof of the palace you feel like you have gone into an ancient mythical party.

7- The Egyptian Museum:

You can go to the Egyptian Museum, which is one of the most important places that many people go to visit, and the Egyptian Museum includes more than 160 thousand rare antiquities, it also contains a large number of ancient mummies that belong to the ancient pharaohs of Egypt, and the museum is arranged Very clean and you can enjoy a free tour inside the museum in order to see every artifact found.

8- The Coptic Museum:

It is one of the oldest tourist places in Cairo and is the largest museum in the world for the ancient Coptic monuments of Egypt, as it contains more than 16 thousand holders inside it. You can also see rare pieces of fabric engraved with some Christian symbols dating back to the sixth century AD, and you can You see a bronze lamp with the miracles of Jesus engraved on it.
This was a quick tour of the most important ancient places in Cairo, but it is just a point in a sea of ​​relics and places of old Cairo that we will take on upcoming trips and tours.


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