The city of Ankara is the capital of Turkey and is characterized by its large area, which includes many markets, whether it is popular markets or modern markets, Ankara has many malls beside the markets, it contains more and better shopping places in Turkey that attract tourists and residents also to go to and shop and buy All they need from the markets at great and great prices and can roam in its various markets, which we will present to you through this article. Follow us.

Popular Ankara markets:

When you go to the city of Ankara and wander around and shop in its popular markets, you will feel a very special pleasure and you will enjoy a lot. Therefore, many tourists prefer to go to it and enjoy buying what they need of clothes and needs from the popular Ankara markets, and there are many old and modern stores that display all kinds of fabrics, carpets and products Dermatology and others, it is one of the most prominent and best tourist places in Ankara.

The most popular Ankara markets are:

There are many popular markets in Ankara that we advise you to visit and enjoy shopping in because they include many distinctive shops in which many different goods are sold at very reasonable prices, and the most important of these markets are:

First: the popular market of Ulus region:

This market is one of the largest and best markets in Ankara, which is located near the Ulus Square, and it is characterized by the presence of all products and supplies and the locals always go to meet their needs and all their requirements at cheap and appropriate prices, the market of the Ulus region provides all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat and fish with all that you need His family.

Second: Solo Khan Public Market:

Solo Khan Market is one of the popular markets located in Ankara, and this market is characterized by the presence of a lot of various stores that provide all the needs of the home and there is a small cafe in this market but it provides all services and there is also a mosque called Kusk Mosque which is small in size and is located in the middle of the market Many tourists and locals go to this market, which is one of the best markets of Ankara, where it is located in the Ulus region. This market is about 400 meters away from its central square. We hope you will visit it and enjoy shopping there.

The most popular modern Ankara markets:

There are many malls in Ankara known for their luxury and modernity, which attract tourists to them in order to enjoy shopping and that are available by many different and different services besides the multiple shops that attract visitors to them from all over the world, as Ankara includes a group of modern shopping centers Which all the goods are available at very cheap prices, and among these best modern markets are:

First: Panorama complex for modern shopping:

The Panorama Mall is one of the best and largest malls in Ankara, which has an area of ​​160 thousand square meters. This mall includes in this huge space many high-end stores that display the most famous international and local brands that attract tourists and residents.

Second: Anka Mall Al-Asri:

When we talk about Anka Mall, we are talking about the second largest mall that exists in all of Turkey, where you can find everything that you think and need, and you can think of it there and from all the international and local brands that contain all what comes to mind from electrical devices, all kinds of clothes and their brands, all kinds of Parapets, accessories and many, many other things that the home needs from various tools.

Third: Carome Mall:

Karoom Mall was opened in 1991, which makes it one of the first malls and gatherings in Ankara. This mall includes more than 368 stores, it is one of the best and most important modern markets in Ankara, which many go to to meet their daily and daily requirements for the diversity of those stores in different commodities.

Fourth: Armada Mall:

Armada Mall is one of the best known and well-known commercial centers in Europe, where it won the award for the best mall in Europe for eligibility, it includes a lot of stores that offer all kinds of international and local brands at reasonable prices and excellent services and can not be dispensed by tourists or the local people, so we hope To visit him soon.

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