A guide to the most famous and cheapest shopping places in Istanbul, when we mention Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, it melts in our minds a lot of tales and images about the convergence of the Asian and European civilizations, and the prominent role that Turkey played in human history. Many civilizations are a source that melts the past heritage and the prosperity of the present. We do not forget what Turkey is famous for, whether natural or historical tourist attractions, etc. And here are more details on Arab travelers.

Shopping in Istanbul:

As is known to us around Istanbul, it contains all the cultural and historical advantages, in addition to its abundance with unique and wonderful shopping opportunities, so all products are abundant, as each product has its own market, so there is a market for carpets in which the best and most luxurious types of carpets are displayed, as well as markets for clothes That meets the desires of those looking for the best Turkish clothes in all materials and levels.

The most popular markets in Istanbul:

Istanbul includes many popular markets and wholesale markets, as well as luxury and modern malls and commercial centers, and among the most popular popular markets in Istanbul we find:

  • The big market :

It is known as the covered market, and it is considered one of the largest and oldest popular markets in Istanbul, and its daily visitors are estimated at 400 thousand visitors. And buy handmade Turkish carpets.

  • Arasta Market:

This market is located on Torun Street from the northern side, precisely behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and it has more than seventy shops, and dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire where the supplies of cavalry soldiers were sold there (Sepahi) and Arasta Market is considered one of the most popular markets in Istanbul.

  • Al-Nahhasin Market:

It is considered one of the most popular markets in the city, and it is known as the copper market because it is specialized in selling copper goods that are hand-made, and this market is located in the Beyazit region in Istanbul, and it is considered one of the most historical markets that tourists visit to buy some memorial pieces that give an impression of Turkish culture through Ancient handicrafts that were famous for.

  • The Egyptian Market:

It is known as the Spice Market, which is the second largest popular market in Istanbul, and it was at the foot as an important center for spice trade in Turkey, and this market is located in the European side of Istanbul in the Fatih region, characterized by its eastern nature that blends with the Ottoman culture, this market is filled with many smart smells Originating from plants and herbs, shoppers mean to buy antiques, souvenirs, and clothing.

  • Wednesday market:

It is located at the back end of the Al-Fateh Mosque, and it includes thousands of sellers, kiosks, street vendors and merchants from the owners of shops. This market consists of 7 main streets while the secondary streets number 17 streets, and all things are sold of clothes, vegetables, fruits and household items.

The cheapest markets in Istanbul:

  • Jewels Mall:

It is considered one of the cheapest shopping places in Istanbul, and it enjoys a great and wide popularity among the people of Istanbul and among tourists, and it has the best local and international brands at the best prices, and it consists of 6 floors and 280 shops, and is considered one of the best places to shop in the city, besides it is a more than wonderful entertainment interface .

  • Friday market :

And it is considered one of the cheapest markets in Istanbul, where there can be obtained all the needs at very reasonable prices corresponding to any other market in the city.

  • Othman Bey Market:

This market is located in Sisli near the Taksim Square, and this market is famous for its many stores that are interested in selling modern products of souvenirs, clothes and perfumes at the cheapest and best prices.

  • Mahmoud Pasha Market:

It is located close to the Egyptian spice market, and includes a variety of different local and international products at the best prices, where you can buy home appliances, electrical appliances, clothes, accessories and jewelry.

  • Lalali area:

It is considered one of the cheapest markets in Istanbul and is famous for selling wholesale, so it is characterized by its low prices compared to prices in other markets, and this market is famous for the trade of clothes.

  • Istiklal Street :

It has many small boutiques that display fashionable clothes from local and international brands, in addition to the presence of many shops interested in selling musical instruments, gifts, clothes and antiques.

  • Nisantatce:

This area of ​​shopping is not far from Istiklal Street, and it includes many expensive boutiques that sell the most luxurious brands and there is another section dedicated to selling local products such as clothes and shoes, this section is distinguished by its excellent prices and good products.

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