Learn about the most famous countries in the world where there is a cable car, this air crossing is considered one of the simplest and cheapest means of transportation, as it operates with electricity, and the importance of the cable car appears in countries that are characterized by abundant mountains and rugged surfaces, because it helps to facilitate the connection between cities with each other and link Areas separated by mountains and difficult for other means of transportation to reach, and some countries resort to it as one of the means of entertainment and in order to enjoy the scenery there especially snow, and the importance of the cable car is in its ability to transport mail and transport simple tools from one area to another we will get to know him in more detail Arab travelers.

Cable car components:

The cable car simply consists of a cabin or cart and fixed cables, and they are of different sizes, and it consists of an electronic system for controlling the movement and stopping of the cart between stations and consists of an electrical transformer and consists of one or two fixed cables, and it consists of a connector with the cab that moves up and down and a number of Stops between the two ends of the track.

The most beautiful and famous cable cars in the world:

  • Merida Cable Car in Venezuela:

It is the second longest cable car in the world that has been closed for several years and then opened again in the recent period. This cable car, which is considered one of the finest engineering epics in the sixties of the last century, was built in order to transport passengers along the journey that is about 12.5 km long, from the city of Merida to Asebokho-bik up to 4756 meters away, and its passengers can take it as a transportation for the final station above the clouds.

  • Cabrio Cable Car Switzerland:

This cable car whose passengers feel like they are passing between the clouds, this cable car is an open bus that consists of more than one floor, the upper floor of which is without a roof, which gives a more wonderful picture of Lake Lucerne while passing the top without any obstacles from the glass panels or even the cables on either side The cable car, the cable car is about 2 km in length, starting from Stanseron on a suspended railway line that is approximately 120 years old, and at the end of the Cabrio trip the summit is reached.

  • Mount tianmen china:

Hunan Province is known to have a certain density of mountains there, as it rises above the ground in columns of steep slope, and has many opportunities for visitors in order to test the extent of their fear of the height of 1400 meters, across the glass corridor so that passengers feel as if it is passing through the sky, and take This cable car is half an hour long for a 7 km travel, and the Tianmen Mountain cable car overlooks the valley covered by forests, where you can see the winding mountain road that leads to the Tianmen Cave known as the Gate of Heaven.

  • Pick to pick gondola in Canada:

This cable car is located on the coast of Canada, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, in a number of ranges that provide passengers with views from all sides. The cable car passes through the Blackcomb Mountains and Wessels Mountains, while providing a wonderful panoramic view that includes volcanic peaks as well as glaciers and coastal rainforests, as well as an opportunity To explore the black bear at a distance of about 11 minutes.

  • Mai Teleferico Bolivia:

Although the cable car was specially designed to be a tourist attraction, but it provides a very important vital means of transportation, as is the case in La Paz, which launched the ambitious system of the cable car in 2014, in order to get rid of the traffic problem in the city, and the distance that the cable car from La Paz to the city reaches to the top Alto altitude is about 4150 meters, which allows passengers to enjoy watching the city and see the Andes Mountains in a wonderful panoramic view, where Mi Teleferico slips on rooftops and green, red and yellow gondolas all at a reasonable price.

  • Genting Skyway, Malaysia:

The Genting Skyway cable car flies over the lush tropical rainforest, and is considered the longest lift in Southeast Asia. It was opened in 1997 and the cable car carries eight passengers above the brightly colored gondola. The cable car starts its journey from the Jotong Jaya base, which is located in a hotel resort above Genting Highs, and reaches The flight distance is 3.38 km, and the journey takes 11 minutes to reach the summit.

  • United States Palm Springs Aerial Tramway:

It may not be the highest or longest cable car in the world, and slowly turned to move up and down, but it is one of the city’s historical engineering monuments, as it was opened in 1963. This tram reaches the huge cliffs of the Chino Canyon and walks up to long distances, it is ideal for camping and spending times of adventure Over the hills of Southern California.



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