Learn the names of the most famous international museums and comprehensive details about them, in addition to a comprehensive list guide for all the museums in France in order to make your visit fruitful and here are the most important details for Arab travelers

The names of the most famous international museums:

Learn about the most famous international museums and the most ancient and beautiful museums in the world in addition to the strangest ever. Here are comprehensive details about the most famous museums from everywhere:

Vatican Museum:

  • It is one of the largest museums around the world, and it includes many museums at the same time and was built in 1506 AD.
  • The first part of the Vatican Museum is an art gallery, which includes many icons and paintings that the Church has done in various periods and is not used today in churches due to the severity of its emanciAl Bahahn.
  • At the Vatican Museum there are many famous works, including the Transfiguration, in addition to the painting of Lady Valino of the Raphael painter and the painting of St. Jerome, which was done by the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • The second part of the Vatican Museum specializes in the display of modern art, as it has included many impressive works that embody the Renaissance.

The British Museum:

  • It was established in 1753 AD, based on the work of Sir Hans Sloane, and then it was officially opened to visitors from everywhere in the year 1959 AD, and what distinguishes it from other museums is that admission is free for everyone.
  • In the British Museum there are over 13 million artifacts brought in from various places around the world.
  • In the British Museum you will find a section for ancient Egyptian antiquities, another for Assyrian antiquities, another for Greek and Romen antiquities, and the last part for British sculptures. It contains many different sections in which you will find the best medieval monuments and sculptures.
  • In the British Museum you will also find objects related to the development of man throughout the ages, various knowledge of plant sciences, biology, environmental element sciences and components of Earth’s layers.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art:

  • It is one of the largest museums in the United States of America, and it is located in New York in particular, as it is one of the largest museums around the world.
  • The metropolitan museum covers an area of ​​2 million square feet, and contains an enormous number of art pieces that exceed 3 million unique pieces that blend modern and antique art from different parts of the world.
  • The museum also has many musical instruments, and military pieces dating from different periods that reflect the evolution of human civilization and its tools throughout the ages.
  • At the beginning of the work of the museum was specialized in European art and some of modern art in America and with the passage of time the works in the museum expanded and the artifacts abundantly increased to everyone

Uffizi Museum:

It is located in Florence, Italy, and it is considered one of the most famous museums on the continent of Europe.
The Uffizi Museum visits 1 and a half million tourists every year thanks to its great fame as it contains many works of art that are not found anywhere else, including more than 100 unique paintings, and the museum area reaches 6000 square meters and then some work has been done Its expansions to accommodate 13,000 square meters today.

Egyptian Museum :

The Egyptian Museum was established in 1835 AD, and it includes more than 136 thousand historical Pharaonic objects in addition to many of the monuments that are preserved in the museum stores.
The Egyptian Museum consists of two floors, the ground floor contains heavy monuments such as mummies and coffins made of stone, in addition to the paintings and engravings made by the Pharaohs on the walls.
Concerning the upper floor, it contains non-heavy monuments such as manuscripts, monuments that reflect daily life in ancient Egypt, pictures of mummies in addition to pots that were used in ancient Egypt and the Greco-Romen period, and what makes visiting the Egyptian Museum so important is that it contains the complete collection of berries Ankh Amon, the greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Museum of Modern Art:

One of the most famous museums in New York that has made a notable impact on the arts worldwide.
In the museum there are many exhibits that reflect the intensity of contemporary art, and attached to it a library containing a huge archive of books exceeding three million books in addition to many works that exceed seventy thousand pieces of art by famous artists.

Symphonyian Museums:

There is in Washington and is one of the largest cultural projects funded by the American government, and museums include the Natural History Museum which is the largest research center in the world, and these museums were established in the year 1846 AD by a decision issued by the American Congress, and the museums contain more than About 140 million unique items.

Hermitage Museum:

It is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, and it is one of the most famous museums around the world with 3 million pieces, and Arab travelers have entered Guinness among the largest collections of paintings around the world.
In the Hermitage Museum there are the largest collections of antique gold that were brought in from Eastern Europe and throughout Asia in addition to Faberge jewelry, and there are halls for displaying multiple eras, where you will find a hall for displaying primitive civilization, and a hall for sculptures of the ancient world in addition to the halls of antique eastern civilizations.


The museum was officially opened by the Queen of the Netherlands Beatrix in April 2013, ten years after the museum was completely closed.
As for the restoration work that took place in the museum, it cost 375 million euros, as many expansions and restorations were made in the place during the additional 5 years beyond the time that was expected to take to renew the museum.

France museum names:

Louvre Museum :

It is considered one of the most important museums of modern and ancient art in the city of Paris, and around the world as a whole. It consists of an enormous castle built by Philip Auguste in the year 1190 AD, and then converted into a museum in the year August 10, 1793 AD.
In the museum there are halls containing more than a million artifacts, from art pieces or oil paintings. It also contains a huge collection of ancient Romen antiquities, ancient Egyptian antiquities and Romen Greek antiquities, and many monuments that reflect the intensity of the beauty of civilization that took place in Iraq, where The antiquities in the museum are 5666 artifacts, in addition to the wonderful paintings and sculptures that exist in the Louvre and that date back to the eighteenth century AD

  • Argonaut S636 Submarine Museum.
  • Architecture and Heritage Museum (France).
  • The Military Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • Museum of Art and History of the Jews.
  • Paris Museum of Modern Art.
  • Musée du Brut and Single Art (capital, Paris).
  • The National Museum of Asian Art Gimme.
  • Golden Gate Palace Museum.
  • Science and Industry City.
  • General Philippe Locklear de Autocluse and Liberty Museum – Jean-Moulin Museum in Paris.
  • Puppet Museum – The Little Old World.
  • The George Pompidou Center
  • Adzak Museum.
  • Orfila Museum.
  • Arc de Triomphe (capital of Paris).
  • Museum of Decorative Art and Decoration (Paris).
  • Arts and Crafts Museum (Paris).
  • National Museum of Modern Art (capital city of Paris).
  • National Museum of Art and Popular Traditions (capital Paris).
  • Museum of Exhibit Art (the capital, Paris).
  • Paris Public Aid and Hospital Museum.
  • Crystal Museum of Bakkara.
  • Balzac Museum.
  • Book and Holy Land Museum.
  • Polisias Plejas Museum.
  • Bouchar Museum.
  • Puyy Christophe Museum.
  • Bordal Museum.
  • Nissim do Comoso Museum.
  • Carnavalle Museum.
  • Al Hayy Foundation for Contemporary Art.
  • National Library of France.
  • The crypt in Paris.
  • The Human Museum.
  • Lisanvalade.
  • Cabosan Quarry Museum
  • The Serenucci Museum.
  • Hunting and Nature Museum.
  • Chocolate Museum (Paris).
  • French Film Museum (Paris).
  • National Museum of Immigration History (Paris).
  • President George Clemenceau Museum.
  • Cognac Jay Museum.
  • Accompanying museum and library (the capital, Paris).
  • Museum of Counterfeiting and Counterfeiting (capital city of Paris).
  • Le Corbusier Foundation.
  • Korean Museum.
  • Magic Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • The Costodia Foundation.
  • Olver Dabur Museum.
  • Discovery Palace.
  • The National Museum, Ian Delacroix.
  • Dosny Stream Museum.
  • The anatomical museum Doboetran (Paris).
  • Paris Sink Museum.
  • Adolf Tennari Museum.
  • Orange Arboretum (Paris).
  • Museum of the Order of Liberation (Paris).
  • Orsay Museum.
  • The archeological basement of the courtyard of the Notre-Dame Basilica.
  • The Pasteur Museum (capital of Paris).
  • Arsenal suite (the capital, Paris).
  • Art Suite (Paris).
  • Fine Arts Museum (Paris).
  • European Photography House.
  • Edith Piaf Museum.
  • Picasso Museum (capital of Paris).
  • Pierre Marley Museum.
  • Eric Satie Treasury Museum.
  • The Salvador Dali Space Museum (Paris).
  • Museum of traditional and manual air fans (capital Paris).
  • Pierre-Fouchardt Museum.
  • Masonry Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • Smoking Museum (the capital of Paris).
  • Museum of the Republican Guard Traditions (capital, Paris).
  • Gobelan textile factory (the capital, Paris).
  • The Grand Palace (the capital, Paris).
  • The Grovan Wax Museum.
  • The Galliara Fashion Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • The Fontaine-Haiue Museum (Paris).
  • The Heibar Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • John Jacques Honnar National Museum.
  • The Herbal Museum (Paris).
  • Museum of Contemporary History (the capital, Paris).
  • French National Archives Museum (Paris).
  • Museum of Medical History (Paris).
  • The National Museum of Natural History in Paris.
  • Holographic Museum (Paris).
  • Arab World Institute.
  • Jacquemart Andre Museum.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art tennis racket (capital Paris).
  • Cook On Museum.
  • Chorus Medal of Honor Museum (Paris).
  • Lenin Museum (capital of Paris).
  • The Museum of Letters and Manuscripts (Paris).
  • Luxembourg Museum (capital of Paris).
  • Paris ghost house.
  • The memorial of the deportation martyrs (the capital, Paris).
  • Aristide Mayol Museum.
  • National Museum of the Navy (capital, Paris).
  • The museum is Marmons Claude Monet.
  • Museum of Materials, Center for Research on Historic Archeology (capital, Paris).
  • Museum of medals, coins and antiques of the French National Library (the capital, Paris).
  • Seas and Water Center (the capital, Paris).
  • Adam Mikowitz Museum.
  • The Museum of Mineralogy (Paris).
  • The Museum of Fashion and Textile (Paris).
  • Mouassan Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • Currency Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • Montmartre Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • French Archeology Museum.
  • Garnier Palace.
  • Gustave Moreau National Museum.
  • The National Museum of the Middle Ages (the capital, Paris).
  • Music Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • Opera Library and Museum.
  • Paris Art Gallery.
  • Holographic Museum (Paris).
  • The Polish Library in Paris.
  • Museum of the Municipal Police (Paris).
  • Advertising Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • Pranley Museum.
  • Radio France Museum.
  • Rodin Museum.
  • The Museum of Outdoor Sculpture (the capital of Paris).
  • Sita Museum and Gallery (capital of Paris).
  • Locksmith Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • Museum of Military Health Services (the capital, Paris).
  • The Holocaust Museum (Paris).
  • National Museum of Sports (the capital, Paris).
  • The Swedish Cultural Center in Paris.
  • Tokyo Palace (capital Paris).
  • National Museum of Public Works (the capital, Paris).
  • Museum of the University of Medicine (Paris).
  • University of Paris 5 – Descartes.
  • Victor Hugo Museum (Paris).
  • The Museum of Romentic Life (Paris).
  • Wine Museum (the capital, Paris).
  • Zadkin Museum (the capital, Paris).

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