France has many different museums, and we will present to you the most famous museums in France that we recommend you to visit.

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The most important museums in France

Louvre Museum

Louvre MuseumThe most important museums in France This museum is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in France and one of the most famous museums of France, which attracts many visitors annually, and this museum is located in the capital of France (Paris), where it is located east of the River Seine, and this museum includes many holdings and pieces Precious antiquities, which may reach more than 38,000 valuable antique pieces and artistic paintings, and these holdings are rare collections that date back to prehistory to the eleventh century, and this museum was opened in 1793.The museum includes many different sections, including the Egyptian Antiquities Department and this The section contains a cup set Too much of artifacts, this section includes more than 55,000 artifacts, and from these pieces the head of King Khafra, the statue of the Egyptian writer and others, and among the sections that are found in the museum are also the Department of Near Eastern Antiquities and contains a collection of artifacts that go back to before Islam Including the phoenix, which is a winged bull with a human head, and also contains a section of Greek and Romen antiquities, including the statue of Venus de Mello, as well as the Department of Islamic Archeology, the Department of Sculptures and the Department of Decorative Arts, the Department of Drawings and the Department of Publications.

Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum
This museum is considered one of the most famous museums in France, and this museum was opened to the public in 1985, and this museum is the second largest museum in the world and it is located in the capital Paris, this museum includes many paintings and rare artworks by the famous artist Picasso, which They could number up to 5,000 gorgeous paintings. This museum displays the works of the artist Picasso according to their chronological arrangement. At the beginning of the museum, the first works that Picasso drew are displayed, which are 300 artistic paintings, including the man’s painting with the guitar and his personal photo, then moving to the sculptures section. This section includes about 250 wonderful artistic pieces, including The head of the bull was carved, and then moved to the publications and engravings section, which is one of the largest sections in the museum, which number about 3500 artworks, and then the section on furniture and contains 50 rare pieces of furniture made of bronze.

Branley Museum Paris

Branley Museum ParisThe most important museums in France This museum is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Paris, and includes many antiquities from Africa, as well as some antiquities from Asia in addition to some American antiquities, and this museum is located in the capital of France (Paris) near the Eiffel Tower and the Great Seine River, and this museum is One of the wonderful museums that owns more than 3500 different artifacts, not only this but also one of the museums that are considered environmentally friendly, because many trees, roses and different flowers surround it from all directions. In addition to that the materials used in its construction are friendly materials For the environment, the museum contains Many different sections, including the Oceania section, this section displays many different monuments that explain the primitive life of these peoples, including clothing, and the African Antiquities Department, which contains more than 100 different artifacts from Cameroon, Mali and the Congo, and it is the most important thing that is displayed by the catchers and animal statues, as well as It divided North Africa and the Near East, and then divided the Asian antiquities, up to the American antiquities.

Rodin Museum

Rodin MuseumThe most important museums in France This museum is considered one of the most famous museums in France, and this museum includes wide collections of works of the famous French artist and sculptor August Rodin, and this museum was opened in 1919, and this museum contains thousands of different artworks including old photographs as well as statues. In addition to the artistic paintings, this museum includes many statues of the artist August Rodin, which may reach 66 thousand statues, and the most famous of these statues is a statue of the gates of hell as well as a statue of the thinker, and it includes 8 thousand artistic paintings from the work of August Rodin and among the most important of these portraits and also Paintings that mimic nature, plus it contains a collection of photographs collected by Rodin and other famous artists, in addition to the Rodin Museum receives many temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Perfume museum

Perfume museumThe most important museums in FranceThe perfume museum is one of the most important museums owned by France, and this museum is located in Paris, and contains a very wide range of the finest luxury perfume items, and this museum offers perfumes for trial and sale, and this museum provides visitors with the secret of making these perfumes with such high efficiency, In addition to that it offers distinctive collections of high-quality perfumes and perfumes for the major companies specialized in the perfume industry in France. It also displays the history of companies famous for the perfume industry and how each company has reached what it is now, and this museum is one of the most famous museums that attract Many visitors in Paris, do not hesitate to visit.

History of Medicine and Surgery Museum

History of Medicine and Surgery MuseumIt is considered one of the most important museums in France and considered one of the wonderful museums in the capital of France (Paris), and this museum displays many different medical tools that were used in surgical operations in the past, as well as the tools used recently, which makes the visitor aware of the tremendous development of surgical instruments in the past and present time, This museum displays cleaver, knives and orthopedic saws as an example of past surgery tools, in addition to that it contains a large collection of ancient medical books and references. Therefore, the Museum of History of Medicine and Surgery is one of the most famous museums in France.

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