There are many places in Brussels that attract tourists from all countries of the world, so the state of Brussels is the capital of the city of Belgium and the European Union, which contains a lot of areas that are attractive and beautiful, and there are many historical sites among all the countries of Europe, and Brussels is considered one of the most important Countries that attract tourists that you should not miss, as Brussels is distinguished by its ancient civilization and has great old buildings, as it became a wonderful symbol of that city.
In addition to its modern skyscrapers, with a wealth of modern and contemporary architecture, Brussels has originated since the sixth century, and is now a place characterized by picturesque gardens, and that the most exciting city that has the admiration of everyone who visits it in Europe, and can be reached either by sea or air As you want, and given the presence of a lot of tourist attractions for that city, we made sure to present to you in our article the most important and most important tourist attractions that exist in the city of Brussels, and the most famous places in which they are, follow me until you are sure of it and experience its visit.

The most famous places in Brussels:

That city has a lot of places and attractions that make visitors come to it from everywhere, and the most important of these are:

  • The big place:

It is a large square in the old town and is surrounded by high-rise buildings, and this was previously used to execute the prisoner, and then turned until it became an amazing tourist site, and often the large square is used as a suitable violin for cultural festivals, and you can visit three main buildings of the place The great are the commercial buildings, the kings of the house, and the city hall, and it was established as one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage sites.

  • Europe Building:

This building is considered a mini-Europe and is a mini garden located in Bruparck, specifically at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels, and it is represented by approximately 80 cities, and 350 for buildings, and the park owns many business models that own the train, mills, and eruptions of Mount Vesuvius , Cable car, Airbus, and others, and when you visit it gives you an impression of the spirit of Europe as an interactive overview of the European Union, in the form of multimedia games.

  • Brussels Town Hall:

Specifically located in the Grand Palace area, to be ready for reception from the Old Town Hall tower, and designed in the Gothic style, it was built since the knowledge of 1400 and was built by the architect Yan Van Ruysbrueck, and at the top of the tower there is an ancient building of the statue of St. Michael, along with a building Attractive to arched windows, decorated towers and sculptures.

  • Hisle Atomium Park:

The Hessel Park, which is located west of Brussels, is dedicated to recreation and entertainment, but in the year 1985 AD, an event occurred in the European Champions Cup inside Hessel Stadium, and this resulted in the killing of many spectators, and the Hesel Garden was redesigned after that incident has been called Rod Bodan Stadium or Al-Muld Stadium Boduan as some call it, and this garden is one of the most important and prominent parks in Brussels, with an area of ​​about 102 meters, and it is a huge model of steel and chrome corn, which was designed by Andre, and has been installed for the world in the exhibition since In 1958, it symbolizes a monument to the nuclear age, and it is found in it Areas of steel capacity by up diameter meters connected for 18 through tupes.

  • Manneken Pace:

It is a statue of a young boy, who takes urine out, and there are many legends about the existence of this statue. This young boy is called the little Julian.

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