Germany is famous for the famous October Festival and World War II, as it is a place for some of the most famous and beautiful landscapes in Europe, important historical sites and vital parties. Germany is located in the middle of Europe, and is characterized by the strongest economy on the continent, Here we will explain an overview of some famous places to visit and walk in Germany.

The most famous places in Germany for hiking:


It is the largest city in the German federal state of Saxony, and is known for the vibrant arts and culture formed by composers of famous music, such as Richard Wagner and Felix Mendelssohn, tourists can now enjoy the performance of music, as well as historical sites such as the Old Town Hall, which contain several impressive structures such as the monument Napoleon and the former Supreme Court of the Reich are one of the largest squares in Europe, and the central university campus in Germany is the second oldest university.

Rugen Island:

Rugen Island is located in the Baltic Sea, which is the largest island in Germany, and connected to the mainland from the Rugen Bridge, there are charming villas, romantic tourist resorts and beautiful quiet beaches, all of this attracts tourists to Rugen Island, but the most attractive is the Jasmond National Park, famous for its chalk slopes Unique is 528 feet (161 meters) above the sea. Other highlights of the island of Rugen are Cape Arkona, the northern end of East Germany, where tourists can visit the ancient lighthouse here, the remains of a Slavic castle and a picturesque fishing village.

Romentic rhinestones:

Stretching between the cities of Bingen and Bonn in Germany, the Middle Rhine flows through a dramatic geological form called the Rhine, this region features stunning scenic views and there are about 40 medieval castle, picturesque villages, vineyards, and the most famous natural attractions in the region is Lorelei , Which is the deepest and most narrow part of the Rhine Pass, which is characterized by large rocks that have caused many boat accidents since the 19th century. The best way to experience a romantic visit to the Rhine is by river cruise.


Cologne is located on the River Rhine in the German federal state, especially in North Rhine, and it is one of the most popular places to visit in Germany. The city offers a vibrant set of tourist attractions, a loud nightlife, fine art and culture sights. Cologne is also an impressive package of landmarks such as The symbol of the informal town, Cologne Cathedral, and the stunning Gothic Church, moreover, the twelve Romenesque churches are great examples of medieval tourism architecture.


Before this place was badly damaged by the World War II bombings, Dresden was known as the Jewel Box because it contained its luxurious collection of stunning art and architecture, after many years, the city recovered much of its former glory and began to offer a number of historical sites such as the stunning Frenkerich Cathedral The city also houses many highly regarded cultural institutions from the Semper Opera.


As one of the largest Baltic ports in Germany, Lubeck is located in the north of the country, Lubeck was founded in 1143 AD, it remained for centuries as the seat of the capital although it was the first German city to be bombed and destroyed during World War II, but Lubeck still retains much of the architecture In the Middle Ages, making it a popular tourist destination, it provides the tranquility of walking in its narrow streets.

Heidelberg Castle:

No wonder that Heidelberg is a popular tourist attraction, and it takes a great place in the middle of the world, the main street next to the castle in the city center, full of bars, restaurants, museums, art galleries, shops and markets that sell everything you need, you can see the oldest university in Germany, which is often picturesque place It contains many philosophers and former professors.


Known as the origin of the world famous Oktoberfest, Munich is one of the best places to visit in Germany because it contains many cultural and historical sources. Munich is a place for many advanced opera houses and theaters as well as the National Theater, the center of this place is an attractive mix of classic and modern architecture , Which includes historical churches, royal palaces and medieval walls, and boasts bustling shopping centers and nightlife venues. The Oktoberfest started in Munich in 1810 and contained a royal wedding, this large festival has millions of visitors every year.

Sylt Island:

Sylt Island is one of the most popular islands near the northern coast, although its location in the north is difficult for travelers to reach, it is characterized by endless beaches, and there are many wonderful sand dunes and traditional lighthouses, a short distance from the cottages and open fields, you can enjoy a trip there On the beach and stay in a contemporary hotel, it is also common to rent bikes and take a fun island tour.

Schwerin Castle:

Schwerin Castle is considered one of the most important tourism and walking areas in Germany, the castle is located on an island in the middle of it, and this increases its attractiveness to tourists. The construction of Schwerin Castle was completed during the 14th century, and it is now the seat of the government, and it attracts legends of visitors from all over the world every Year.

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