The most famous places in Italy

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New guide for the most famous places in Italy, it is recommended to visit it from the experiences of travelers. The Italian Republic is one of the countries located on the southern side of the continent of Europe, as it is divided into three main sections, it is a territory connected to Europe, and two islands separated from each other, namely the island of Sardinia and the island of Sicily, Italy is surrounded by the Pulp Mountains, known to its northern direction, and there are two independent countries within them themselves, the Vatican, and San Marino, and Italy has an area of ​​approximately three hundred thousand kilometers, one of the most important characteristics of its various terrain.
As we mentioned, the alpine is concentrated in the north, and its height may reach about 4748 meters above sea level. As for the southern side, there are a lot of female cliffs and bays, the most prominent of which is the Italian countryside that is in Liguria, and also the Etruscan Riviera that is in Tuscany, and there is also a lot Of the rivers and their length is the Aceh River and also the Arnautiere River, and there are the most important lakes in the world, among which the most prominent are Lake Lagomagorah, Lake Bolsena, Lake Como, Lake Trasimeno, and Italy is among the countries that have many volcanoes, the most important of which is Vizouh and also the volcano Etna, We will ask In our article on the Arab Travelers website, you have the most wonderful tourist attractions that tourists are attracted to, and bring in many visitors throughout the year.

The most famous places in Italy:

The country of Italy has a lot of tourist attractions that make it one of the most important countries that go a lot for the purpose of tourism and the most important of its tourist attractions:

  • Leaning Tower of Pisa:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is known as one of the most important symbols of Italy, since it was established since 1173 AD, where the Leaning Tower is distinguished as being leaning on one side, and the reason for its construction may be because the soil did not submit before construction began, and this error arose, but in In 1987, the Tower of Pisa was added to the list of UNESCO’s most important world heritage.

  • Pompeii:

    It is the foot of the Italian Fezon volcano, and it is known as one of the rare places of its kind, but today it is the city that is under the auspices of UNESCO, and Pompeii is the real monument under the open open sky known.

  • Montersalmare:

Montreux is one of the most important villages of Italy that have a lot of antique monuments, as it is embraced by the beaches of the whole world and not only Italy, and there are many hotels and it is known that these hotels come to a lot of new grooms in order to spend honeymoon in this city given For its attractive nature.

  • Verona:

The city of Verona is distinguished by its charming beauty that attracts it a lot, as it enjoys the presence of the Italian Opera Festival, which is one of the finest and most beautiful place you can enjoy it, and the presence of music in it if you hear it never forget it, as it is characterized by its attractive views such as the Roman Theater, Ponte Bridge, Besides the ancient Roman ruins dating back to one hundred years BC, and also the veritable Juliet balcony that he desires to see a lot, it is this room that inspired Shakespeare before he began writing his famous novel.

  • Trevi Fountain:

The Trevi Fountain is located in the city of Rome, awareness of the most important tourist attractions known to many tourists, as it was established in 1762 AD and this great edifice consists of many designs in the form of a human being.

  • Amalfi:

This city is considered one of the coolest and most beautiful cities added to the UNESCO heritage list, because it has a fantastic beach, as for restaurants it has Adolfo Mills, which is characterized by its most wonderful taste, and there is Arechi Castle, which is known as a miracle of the eighth century, and that castle overlooks a lot of views The most attractive to the city.

  • Runway:

The amphitheater is the only building in Italy, and it may compete with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in terms of its popularity, as the amphitheater was established in Rome by Emperor Vespasian, and was intended at that time to be this fun place for Roman society.

  • Lake Como:

Lake Como is located in the middle of the foothills of the Alps which are in Italy, and it is considered one of the most important natural romantic places, meaning that people did not enter into making it at all, you can sit on the banks of the lake in order to go jumping ropes in the forest.

  • The Grand Canal Venice:

This channel is one of the most important romantic symbols that are located in Europe, as it is the largest channel and has an important role in the main transport corridor in the city, with a width of about 80 to 90 meters, and a depth of about 5 meters, and the Grand Canal is one of the most important places Excitement, called the Bridge of Sighs or Ponte Ribalto, you must enjoy the beauty of these attractive palaces that are located along the water artery.

  • Capri Islands:

These islands are located specifically in southern Italy and specifically around the city of Naples, and know of the most important and most beautiful islands around the rocky world, and these islands belong to the romantic areas and have the best accommodation for honeymoon, as they own the best hotels in Italy, most notably the Relais Hotel and Maresca Hotel.

  • Mount Etna:

Where these mountains rise about 3323 square meters, and there is the Italian volcano, which is one of the largest volcanoes in Italy, and this active volcano is considered one of the most important destinations and tourist attractions that many tourists accept in order to enjoy the climbing rocky slopes, and this volcano is a documented revolution of this volcano that took place in the fifth century before Christmas.




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