The most famous places of tourism in Marrakech: the best tourist places in Morocco

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Tourism in Marrakesh is the capital of beauty and power. The capital of the ancient Andalusian Empire, which is one of the most beautiful natural places in the world. You can enjoy in Marrakech the beauty of the present, which embraces the splendor of the past in a charming painting. You can see a number of giant gardens that were designed in the style of the latest architecture in the world There are also a number of Islamic museums and monuments that attract attention from all countries of the world, and if you want to shop, you will find in Morocco an endless number of markets, which combines the present and the traditional.

Best tourist places in Marrakech:

1- Jamaâ El Fna Square:

The Jamaâ El Fna Square is one of the popular religious and tourist places in Marrakech, where stalls, a number of snake tamers and historical and Islamic storytellers are gathered. There are also a number of musicians who play the most beautiful pieces of folk and western music.
And go to the square of Jemaa El-Fna, the scourge of tourists from all countries of the world in order to get acquainted with the antiquities and the folk and Islamic heritage of Morocco, and you can sit on one of the cafes that are published in this place in order to eat hot Moroccan drinks. You can also watch a number of acrobatic dancing shows that take place every night in this place, so do not miss a romantic night in the courtyard of the Mosque of El Fna.

2- Maggiore Park:

You can visit the Majorelle Garden, which contains within it a group of rare natural plants that are found only there, and you can also see a group of white flowers and colorful flower trees that the garden is famous for, also you can also visit the Islamic Museum, which is located in the garden square, which It contains many artifacts inside.
There is also a lake in the park that contains a large number of marine creatures and colorful fish that you will not find similar in any of the countries of the world, and one of the very wonderful things that you will not be able to forget are the houses distributed in the garden and painted in blue and covered by a group of tall trees that embrace With her in a charming aesthetic painting.

3- Commercial Market City:

As for you if you are a fan of shopping and wandering between shops and buying souvenirs, you should go to the city of commercial markets, as it contains many very narrow passages that are characterized by a number of shops and from which you can pick the best gifts, and we advise you to buy babush That is, Moroccan shoes, and you can wander around the leather market, which offers animal skins in a charming and traditional way. You can also take a group of strong incense and oriental perfumes as well as spices that characterize Moroccan cuisine.

4- Bahia Palace and Marrakesh Museum:

If you want to combine modern history with ancient history, you should go to visit the Bahia Palace and then the Marrakesh Museum. You can see the Bahia Palace, which dates back to the nineteenth century and which was built by the Grand Minister Bou Ahmed. Between classic and modern, it is decorated with a group of charming and colorful patterns that give a very dazzling look, especially with ceramic tiles, which you will only see in the Palace Square. You can also wander the Palace Garden full of unique trees.
After that, you can visit the Marrakesh Museum, which includes a collection of modern Islamic inscriptions that were designed with local ceramics, textiles and numismatics, and this museum is distinguished by its architectural style that combines Arab and Portuguese heritage in a unique painting.

5- Imlil, the charming mountain village:

You can visit the village of Mile, the charming mountain village that many tourists from all countries of the world visit in order to start towards the trips to the Toubkal National Park, which starts from this mountain village. You can also see a group of monuments of Morocco and see the magical nature of Marrakech from the top Point in this high-rise city, the hotels of this mountain village have played a distinctive role in the Martin Scorsese movie which was filmed there.

6- Al-Sa’adyin burial site:

You can also visit the most beautiful historical site of the Saadiyin tombs, which was initially used as a burial of the royal family and the nobility at the beginning of the sixteenth century, and the last of the burial of the nobility in it was in 1792, until these tombs were discovered a hundred General The Moroccan government, in cooperation with UNESCO, worked to restore these graves, and many visitors from all countries of the world come to see these graves in order to see the decorations that characterize the graves, which have impressed all those who witnessed them, so do not miss the opportunity to visit the Saadian tombs when Visit Marrakesh.


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