Tourism in Russia in the winter is one of the fun things that many lovers prefer to spend their holidays in a beautiful atmosphere, as it is known about this country that it includes many wonderful places that a large number of tourists prefer to go to enjoy the natural atmosphere, you can explore the tourist attractions, despite the Freezing cold during the winter, but it is the most appropriate time to visit Russia.
So let us go on our tour there, and know the guide of the most important tourist attractions in Russia for young people through our article today from Arab travelers.

Tourism in Russia in the winter

A journey of Russian trains

You can take a trip from west to east inside Russia by using the rail network. Through it, you can see a large part of the country, its ancient history, its beautiful landscapes, and the traditions found there.
Russia train

Theaters of Russia

Theaters in Russia receive visitors with the beginning of November, and until March of each year, and it offers visitors many new theatrical performances, and also offers ballet performances that are widely known in the world, in addition to providing opera performances.
 Theaters in Russia

Lake Baikal

This lake is an area equal to the size of the country of Belgium, it is distinguished by its vast area, and we find that this lake freezes completely during the winter season and it has large amounts of thick ice, and therefore you can enjoy horseback riding on the skis on the surface of the lake, it is one of the most suitable places in winter trips in Russia.
Lake Baikal


This area is located near St. Petersburg, and it contains many places that in the winter turn into wonderful natural paintings. You can fish on ice, or ride dogs through their skis.
Karelia area

Resturant AnderSon

There are many wonderful restaurants, which offer delicious food in Russia, and the cities in it, you can eat Russian foods during the winter, including the bellmeni dish which is meat pies, or the famous dish of Russian bursh, with hot tea.
Among the restaurants that have wide fame is Anderson Restaurant, which is considered one of the best 10 restaurants among about 12.922 restaurants inside Moscow, and it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as brunch.
It opens at nine in the morning and closes at ten in the evening, and you can view it and the menu through their website via this link, so we advise you to go to it during your trip to Russia.
Russia Restaurants

Russia stores

Winter is the best season for big sales in Russia. You can shop and buy from well-known stores there, including St. Petersburg porcelain factory and Ananov jewelry store.
In addition, there are commercial streets and squares that give you huge discounts on various souvenirs.
Prices there and the cost, whether for accommodation or activities of all kinds, are very cheap during the winter season.
Russian markets

Tourist places in Saint Petersburg

Although there are many cities inside Russia, the city of Saint Petersburg is considered one of the wonderful cities that many tourists from all over the world wish to visit. They called it the Russian Venice, because its nature and beauty resemble the italyn city of Venice.
We can say that this city is considered a prestigious cultural capital, as it includes many unique and beautiful buildings, in addition to the presence of several historical, cultural museums, including dating back to two hundred years.
You can visit it in summer or winter, and we advise you to go to visit the following places inside Saint Petersburg: –

Hermitage Museum

It is considered one of the largest museums in the world, as Arab travelers entered the Guinness World Records because it contains large quantities of paintings and art pieces, it has a great position in Europe and the world, and the museum includes three million pieces of distinguished art.
As for its design, it is of a unique and creative style, and it contains a lot of rooms, their number reaches 365 rooms, they are designated as exhibition spaces.
Also, you can go to the Treasury Gallery hall, as it contains silver and gold exhibits, and it dates back to the second century AD.
Do not miss the opportunity to go to this ancient museum, and you can accompany a tour guide to find out more information about the holdings in the museum.
Hermitage Museum

Peter and Paul Fortress

When you visit this wonderful city, do not forget to go to the castle of Peter and Paul, as it was the first thing that was built in St. Petersburg, it was founded in 1703 AD, and was once a prison for politicians, but now it has become a wonderful tourist attraction visited by many citizens annually.
It has many beautiful and picturesque scenery, when you go up to the top you can see the city, and the places marked by it.
You can stroll and listen to the atmosphere around the castle, and inside it you will find pictures of all the events that took place in this castle.
Peter and Paul Fortress
In addition to what we have mentioned, you can visit many other landmarks in Russia. You can go to the following Russian cities: Moscow, Kazan, Vladivostok, Sochi, Vladimir, to see many interesting places.

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