The most famous places of tourism in Turkey

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The most beautiful places of tourism in Turkey, Turkey is located in the Middle East, and on the eastern side will be the cities of Armenia and Iran, but the northern side it contains the state of Georgia and this is beside the Black Sea, and on the southern side there is the city of Iraq, and the city of Syria, next to the Mediterranean Finally, Turkey is a joint country with the western borders, Bulgaria, Greece and the Aegean Sea.
As the area of ​​Turkey reaches 800,000 square kilometers, and its capital is the city of Ankara, and Istanbul is the largest city in which it is located, and the Turkish language is the official language adopted by it, where the lira is the official currency of its own, where there are 76 million people, It is considered one of the largest tourist countries in the world, where there are many landmarks, through this article we will get to know the best tourist attractions.
Turkey has many important and different landmarks, as it has many distinct natural areas, and there are a large number of tourist areas, as it was mentioned on the world map one of the largest tourist cities, as Turkey ranked sixth among the most important tourist countries, and worked on Attracted a large number of tourists to it, and in 2011 more than thirty million foreign tourists were visited to Turkey, and they also took Turkey as their tourist destination.

Best places of tourism in Turkey:

  • Sulaymaniyah Mosque:

This mosque was established since 1500 AD, and this was an order from one of the sultans called the Sultan of Ottoman Suleiman the Magnificent, as it was built by the architect Mimar San, and it is considered one of the most famous Turkish tourist attractions, and it has a long history that goes back behind the ages.

  • Blue Mosque:

This mosque is located in Istanbul, and it was built in the era of Sultan Ahmed I in 1916, and given this name due to Sultan Ahmed, where a large number of visitors come to it daily, and it is one of the famous mosques in Turkey as well.

  • Sudoushan Waterfall:

This waterfall is one of the scenic natural scenery that attracts the viewers, and this waterfall is located near the village called Uznibar, and this is because it completes its own beauty with complete integration, as many people use it as a general way to stroll and walk.

  • Chinarcık Province:

This province or road is considered one of the largest popular places that exist near the Sea of ​​Marmara, and this road is characterized by the strength of its attraction to people, and it is easy to reach that place where it has many different tourist places, and this is because it contains markets for tourism that can be visited throughout the year .

  • Covered Market:

This market has existed for more than several centuries. It was in 1461, when it arose on a large area of ​​land amounting to 30 thousand square kilometers, as this market is one of the largest markets that exist at the level of Turkey, and it also has a great and prestigious position among society, As the percentage of people who come for it throughout the year reaches half a million on a daily basis, especially at times when it comes to tourism, as many personal items can be purchased from this market, and this is because it contains a large number of objects and special requirements.

  • The High Gate Palace:

It is called the Top Gate Palace Topkapi, which is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Istanbul, and at the moment it has become a large museum that draws all eyes to it, and it was considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions that exist in Turkey, where it has many wings where Each bug suite has its own purpose.

  • Taksim Square :

It is considered one of the largest fields in which there is a large movement throughout the day, and this is because it is the main axis that exists in Istanbul and its name retracts due to the water distribution station that was located in old Istanbul, as there are many public facilities around it, such as restaurants, hotels, centers, transportation, cafes and many From the markets, and it is natural that all the people who are in Istanbul must have visited this palace in order to get to know the tourist places that you are in.


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