There is an endless array of things you can do in Amsterdam in any weather condition, where many of the most profitable experiences can be found when you leave the lively tourist paths in the city center, whether you are visiting for the weekend or in two weeks, here you are A basic list of Amsterdam’s top attractions and experiences are irreplaceable.

Best places to visit in Amsterdam:

Ardi Jordan:

Erdy Jordan
The attractive areas and streets of Jordaie are amazing, and the buildings are amazing, as touring them is like returning to past times, a region that has a lot of industries, and this region represents one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Amsterdam, is a place that includes many art galleries and many archaeological stores, as there is It has garden courtyards and bars for restaurants with a friendly atmosphere of cooperation, get rid of traditional places and go to this comfortable place for a new tourist experience.

Culture museums:

Culture museums

There are many museums in Amsterdam, such as the Regus Museum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, museums are the beating heart of many cultures in Amsterdam, after these museums were renovated to become the best in the world, and open spaces around these museums are full With buildings and vibrant activity, there you will find open air, adjacent markets and green pools

Amsterdam shopping streets:

Shopping streets in Amsterdam
Shopping streets in Amsterdam are one of the most visited places, and of course, many visitors automatically go to buy antiques and souvenirs. Shopping streets deal with enchanting cobbled views that link the main areas of Amsterdam, there are more than 200 vendors in each region in Amsterdam, and there are a lot of authentic old shops and where there is everything you are looking for from purchases for women or men or for the home or souvenirs, you will find the experience of walking in these streets very enjoyable, and you will find the quality in goods and designs better than anywhere else.

Anne Frank House:

Anne Frank House
Consider the archaeological site where Anne Frank and her family hid for two months during the time they felt persecuted in Germany, the museum is now an impressive place, and the place that remained the same in this place the back part of it which explains the status and life of Anne Frank and the things that hidden it There, visit this place in the morning best to see everything clearly, and make reservations online instead of waiting in places of reservation.


There are eight windmills in Amsterdam, and the most easy to visit is the windmill located in the eastern island of Amsterdam, this place is not only a windmill to see, but it is a wonderful place with its milestones and its ambience to sit in and have drinks there in the open air, and there is a factory that produces organic beer Seasonality, which you can find in many markets in Amsterdam.

Western Church:

Western Church
The West Church in Amstrada is known as the wedding site of Queen Beatrix, and it is the most famous church there. This church was built in the Renaissance in 1630 AD, and it is an unusual place because of the many internal and external features of the church, its tower is 85 meters high, known as “Lingerie” It is the highest place in Amsterdam, and at the top of this tower is a large copy of the emperor’s crown, placed there to remain a memory of the emperor, the largest of the church bells, which number 48 bells weighs three and a half tons, and other highlights represent a beautiful member dating back to 1622 AD.

Royal palace:

Royal palace
The royal palace represented in the ancient times a residence of the king, this huge building was built in 1648 AD, it was built in the engineering style of ancient Rome, and the outer part of it tends to the classic, and the interior of it is exquisitely designed, and there are many inscriptions, decorations, engravings and sculptures, to Besides, there are paintings and drawings on the walls of the palace, which were drawn by a number of artists, and there is a group of old furniture, and there is a room that represents the city treasury, contains many artistic paintings, decorated with many decorations that attract attention.

The Jewish Historical Museum:

The Jewish Historical Museum
There are four temples in the Jewish Historical Museum, dating back to the year 1670 AD, and it features treasures of religious artifacts such as silver Torah containers, Torah gowns and decorated Torah covers, as well as many celebrations in this museum, and this museum contains a large collection of books, there is also a distinct restaurant It is called the Kosher Restaurant, and there are beautiful decorations outside the museum that fascinate visitors, and near it the wonderful and vast Portuguese Church. Go to this museum to take a look at the oldest historical and archaeological books that date back to Jewish history and include its history and their lives and many details that you do not know or hear about before.
Here we have mentioned the most important and beautiful places that you must visit during your trip to Amsterdam, there are of course many other places, but your experience of these places in particular will make your trip enjoyable and interesting

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