Crowds of tourists, fans and teams began arriving in Russia in preparation for the FIFA World Cup. Since four Arab teams have qualified for this tournament, Arab fans will surely be among these crowds. In addition to watching football matches and discovering the sights of Russian cities, we recommend Arab tourists to try the Russian cuisine, which is famous for its diversity and luxurious cuisine, such as caviar, which penetrated all international kitchens. Russian cuisine is also popular for breads, cream, fish, salads and soups. In this article, we have chosen the most popular Russian dish to taste when visiting Russia.
Russian cuisineAmong the most important Russian cuisine for which Russian cuisine is famous, there are different types of soup, which change with the geography of the regions. Among the most famous types of Russian soup, we mention:


Borchest soup
The borscht soup consists of red beet and beef with some spices and herbs, and is served hot or cold with a little sour cream of sour added to it. And the origin of the soup to Ukraine and southern Russia has subsequently spread throughout the country and even to neighboring countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Romenia, and even Armenia.


SolyankaSolinka soup is one of the most popular Russian dishes, and it also spreads to most of the neighboring countries. There are three types of soyanka soup. The first type consists of meat cuts, the second is fish, and the third contains mushrooms. Add garlic, carrots, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, and red pepper. Soylanka soup is hot and eaten with pieces of bread and a bit of sour toxic sour cream.
Russian cuisine is also famous for the types of authorities that differ from one region to another and which decorate Russian tables on all official and unofficial occasions, including:

Olivier salad salad

Olivier AuthorityOlivier’s authority is known worldwide as the Russian authority and was named after the Belgian chef Lucian Olivier who was operating in L’ermitage, the most famous restaurant in the Russian capital, Moscow. Olivier invented the recipe in the years 1860 and then spread throughout Russia and made its reputation outside the country until it became one of the most famous Russian dishes served in international restaurants. Olivier’s salad consists of boiled potatoes, carrots, pickled cucumbers, boiled eggs and peas, in addition to mayonnaise sauce and some herbs.
Russian cuisine is also famous for pies and pastries, especially bread, which is found in all meals. Russian bread is made using a fermented mixture of flour and water left for weeks until it becomes a yeast rich in healthy bacteria. Among the most famous pastries and pies are:


    Khacha Puri Although the origin of the khatchaburi bread belongs to Georgia, it is widely spread in all the countries of the former Soviet Union, especially in Russia and Armenia. And the khatchaburi is bread, usually in the form of a boat, in which various types of Russian cheese are placed inside. Sometimes an egg is placed over the cheese and it gets into the oven until the dough becomes crunchy. The khatchburi bread is eaten hot.

Blini Blini

PlainsPlain pies are among the most famous Russian dishes, which are pancakes of wheat that are either thinned or small, as in the photo and served with luxury caviar, salmon and cream of our famous smita. You can also eat bellini pies with butter and honey. It is provided either hot or cold.


PluminiPlumini is a popular pastry and Russian dish that is loved by both big and small. It is a stuffed dough, boiled and served alone or in a broth. Often the filling of the balsamini is made up of a mixture of ground meat, onions, mushrooms and some of the smelling herbs. Bellamini can be stuffed with salmon or only with mushrooms, as desired.
Also, the Russian cuisine is famous for the main dishes, which are delicious and compete with international dishes, including:

Beef Stroganoff

StroganoffThe Stroganov dish is one of the popular and popular Russian dishes, and it consists of sliced ​​beef cooked in a frying pan with a little butter and sour semitana cream with mustard, onions and mushrooms and served with rice, noodles or pasta.

Chicken Kiev

Chicken KievChicken Kiev is one of the popular dishes in Russia, and it consists of bone-free chicken breast pieces that are thinned and stuffed with butter, garlic and herbs, then dipped in crushed bread (crunch) and fried with oil. People are conflicting about the origin of the dish, some of them say that the dish is Ukrainian due to its designation in the name of the capital of Ukraine Kiev, and some of them challenge it like the Russian historian William Bukhlibken, who confirms that the dish was presented for the first time in the Moscow Traders Association Club in the early twentieth century and then named after the Kiev Kiev In a restaurant of the Soviet Union.


ShashlikShashlik is a popular and popular Russian dish, which is grills on metal skewers, and this dish is from the Shish Kabab family, but in the Russian version large portions of lamb, beef, chicken, or salmon are used with Russian bread, Russian pickles and sometimes spicy tomato sauce.
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