The most famous shopping complex in Pattaya Thailand

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A guide for the best and most famous shopping complexes in Pattaya Thailand is recommended to visit from the experiences of travelers, Pattaya has many advantages that made it one of the most important tourist destinations in the state of Thailand, and the markets and commercial centers are one of the tourist destinations that distinguish it from the state of the capital Bangkok and the Thai islands, and Pattaya comes in The second destination for shopping after the capital, Bangkok, as the tourist in Pattaya can visit Pattaya without carrying any bags except to have some cache and bank card in order to facilitate his obtaining whatever he wants to buy and everything he needs at prices much lower than the prices in circulation in his country For the same products and goods.
Regardless of the popular Thai markets and luxury centers, the best places to shop in Pattaya are the Pattaya Beach Street and the Scandinavian Road, where there are many rugs and shops that sell all the products the tourist needs, and in these stores there are sellers with calculators in their hands, which means the possibility of negotiating the price, and today With our article on Arab travelers, we will talk about the best shopping and malls in Pattana, Thailand.

The most popular shopping complex in Pattaya:

  • Mickey Pattaya Complex:

It is considered one of the oldest complexes in Pattaya and is located on the beach in Pattaya, in this complex is selling clothes and imitation brands, and although its prices seem a bit high, it is advised to be careful to negotiate the price because it is possible that the same commodity is found at half the price outside this community.

  • Pattaya Central:

Central Pattaya is considered one of the prominent commercial complexes there. This complex is located on Pattaya Beach Street and is considered one of the most beautiful and largest commercial complexes in Pattaya, as it contains many international restaurants and cafes such as the Lebanese Lebanese restaurant, and also contains cinemas and a section for children’s games This complex is open every day from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening.

  • Royal Garden Pattaya:

Located on the same street as Mickey and the Central, this complex has the advantage of containing some brands not present in the Central. This complex is classified as the second mall in Pattaya in terms of quality and cleanliness.

  • Techcom:

This complex is located along the South Pattaya Street on the street that is opposite the direction of the sea. This mall consists of five floors that specialize in selling electronic devices such as TV, mobile phones, computers, recorders, and the like, as each floor of them specializes in selling something specific, and the basement is done in it. Sell ​​some clothes and food.

  • Mike shopping:

This complex consists of five somewhat small floors, but its goods are varied and good, so there are local and international products and brands, it is characterized by suitable prices, and in the back yard of the complex there is a fruit market.

  • Big Sea North Pattaya:

It is considered one of the largest and oldest complexes in Pattaya, this complex is a mixture of international stores, where the shops vary between ordinary and famous brands, this is next to the presence of many restaurants and cinemas, and behind the BC complex there is a market for selling pottery and household utensils at very cheap prices.

  • BS Plaza:

This complex includes a supermarket located on the first floor next to the presence of many daily grocery stores, and a number of retail stores, while the second floor of it contains shops that sell gifts, clothes and sports equipment with famous brands such as Adidas, and also has restaurants that serve Thai food, and there are Hairdressers.

  • Avenue Pattaya:

It is one of the ideal complexes for those looking for modern shops and those looking for good food, as it has a variety of cafes such as Starbucks, and there are many shops selling commercial clothes such as Adidas and Puma.

  • Outlet Mall Pattaya:

And it is considered one of the best modern markets located in South Pattaya, as it contains two hundred stores for the best local and international brands, as it was built on a large area and includes a car park that can accommodate more than a thousand cars.

  • Central Festival Pattaya:

It is one of the largest markets in Pattaya, which is located on the beachfront, as the building of this complex consists of seven floors, contains two hundred shops, in addition to containing many cafes and fast food restaurants, this complex opens its doors starting at eleven in the morning for a period of twelve An hour when the doors of the complex are closed at eleven in the evening.




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