The most famous tourist areas in Antalya, Turkey

المسافرون العرب

Antalya offers a lot of things that everyone can enjoy, if you want to see the sights of the city, you will find a wonderful array of attractive tourist areas, the old city is full of historical sites, while the city is in an ideal position to serve as a basis for tourist attractions around the world, The city is also a great spot for the white sandy beaches of Turkey’s turquoise coast.

The most famous tourist areas in Antalya:

Old Town Kaleici:

The Kaleici neighborhood was created as a labyrinth for walking, and the Ottoman palaces covered with white and covered with the red surface paint the cobbled streets, which are now home to a large group of boutique hotels, souvenir shops, art galleries and restaurants, this place is wonderful with a picturesque atmosphere, it is the most suitable place to breathe air Different from the atmosphere of the ancient world, there are also a lot of small tourist attractions for those who want to see the sights, the main square contains a fortress gate and a clock tower decorated with stones, while the Tikeli Mosque has been important for the Pasha For the 18th century, it is also worth an inside look on the stunning tiles, along with Sokak, you will find the carved out minaret.

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Old Harbor:

The old port in Antalya is located on vacation on the slopes, and it is a wonderful gathering of shops, beautiful cafes, bazaars and yachts that overlook the glistening Mediterranean Sea, it is difficult to imagine that this place was a major economic center in Antalya, but from the second century Until the middle of the twentieth century, this was the main port for trade and prosperity of the city, these days I came here to shop and then watch the sun set over the sea while drinking coffee, or you can head to the Mediterranean Sea on one of the boats and set out for a swimming trip, to enjoy the calm and beauty Your mouth N.

Antalya Museum:

If you are interested in Turkish history do not miss this excellent museum, displays the impressive exhibits there is the best place for discoveries of excavation sites across the Turkish coast, it is displayed in a typical way, which makes Turkish history easy to understand ,. The large archeological section offers screens from the Bronze Age to Byzantium, with a special focus on the ruins in the vicinity of the museum.

Lovely minar:

The most distinctive monuments in Antalya are the minaret of Yavli Minar built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Kikobad, the minaret is a typical example of Seljuk architecture, with a square base topped with an octagonal drum carrying a shaft, with an exhibition decorated with beads around the top, the minaret is located next to the Kali entrance gate in The old city, opposite the Ottoman minaret, is the clock tower, while the sights near it from the tombs date back to the 14th century.

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Hadrian’s Gate:

Hadrian’s Gate is one of the main and most dramatic gates and is an entrance to the Kaleici area. Large areas of the walls of the Hellenistic and Romen city were preserved on the eastern side of the old town, and Hadrian’s Gate is the most prominent of these sections, which is a marble gate with three arches, surrounded by sculptural motifs , And you can also walk through it to see the best preserved sculptures.

Romen Castle:

This 14-meter long squat tower is built over the ancient harbor from the highest peak on the edge of the Caraliollo Park, no one is quite sure what its main function is, but most agree that it was like a watchtower or lighthouse on a busy port below. Now it is a great spot to watch the sunset or get a panoramic view of all the old port area, it is a quiet spot full of flowers to escape the city streets, excellent cafes are also nearby if you need to recover after sightseeing.


The main reason to visit Antalya is to go to Aspendos, this archaeological site is the home of the Romen Theater, it is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Antalya, the glory days of this dazzling ancient city were during the second and third centuries, when most of the monuments that can be seen today were built, apart from The theater, which has been completely restored, much of the rest of the site is still destroyed, and it may be interesting to see it before it was completely destroyed.

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Aspendos may get all the tourist fame, but “Termesus” beats his hand in the tourist atmosphere, remains of this ancient city spread along a rugged hill with a view over the surrounding countryside, wear strong shoes and carry a lot of water if you want to explore this site completely.

Berg Stadium:

A vast Berg stadium filled with aggregates and semi-destroyed temples, a colony saturated with an atmosphere of past glory, this was before the ancient capital of Pamilia, which flourished under Greek and then Romen rule, the ruins here are not preserved as well as other monuments on the turquoise coast of Turkey, and this means that they It attracts fewer visitors, but visitors are able to explore its long streets and particularly interesting temples.

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