The most famous tourist areas in Ontario

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A guide to the most beautiful tourist areas in Ontario is recommended to visit, Ontario is the capital of Canada and one of the largest cities in which it is located, and it is one of the best tourist destinations in Canada, as it contains many attractions and tourist places in which there are museums, parks and other important tourist attractions, but One of its most famous tourist attractions is the CN Tower, which was classified as one of the tallest towers in the world, as well as the beautiful Lake Toronto, and it has a group of the most important hotels that exist in Canada, as it is the main home for a wonderful mix of areas that are attracted to tourists, along with the rare beach and islands Attractive Toronto, and any Also shopping in the capital of Ontario is one of the fun things for tourists, and there are a lot of the most effective activities in the city, so we made sure to show you some of the tourist areas that are in Ontario and attract a lot of tourists throughout the year, come get to know them in detail on the website of Arab travelers .

The most popular tourist areas in Ontario:

There are many tourist areas in the capital of Canada, Ontario, that attract tourists from everywhere in the world throughout the year, the most important of which are:

  • CN Tower:

There is a CN tower in Ontario, which is considered one of the most famous and longest towers in the world with a height of more than 550 meters. The tower is located in the heart of Toronto. The task of its construction has been completed since 1973 and achieved a world record for being the tallest tower in the world since 2009 before Building the Burj Khalifa, which is in Dubai, as it is the third tallest tower in the world, and it has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Canada and an important tourist attraction, as it is one of the most crowded places with residents and foreigners, so that the number of its visitors swallows more than two million visitors throughout the year.

  • Royal Ontario Museum:

The Royal Ontario Museum, known as Rum, is considered one of the most prominent and beautiful tourist places that exist in Canada. It is also one of the leading museums that exist in Canada, with an outstanding reputation. The museum owns a large distinct group because it includes major exhibitions all over the world, where he witnessed the expansion that affected Controversy in the museum is a modern wing with glass and sharp corners, added to a very traditional old building. It also owns the museum on a collection that covers a large and varied area of ​​periods throughout the world.

  • Rogers Center:

It is very close to the CN Tower and is considered one of the best tourist places in Ontario. It is suitable for fans of sports, as it is a sports field with a huge dome, and the unique design includes a roof that slips and returns to its place again, and it can be open in moderate weather, and this huge construction It was established in 1989 AD, and the center was Ontario’s response to the ambitious Olympic stadium built by its strong competitor, and the city of Montreal, and the Rogers Center can accommodate thousands of spectators, as it is a place for all types of sports and also baseball and football in particular, nor We tolerate rock and pop parties, as well The center offers tours of more than an hour with a look behind the scenes at the facility.

  • A GO Art Gallery of Ontario:

Where the well-known art gallery in Ontario occupies a rare and modern building of its kind, it is located on the western side of the city center, and there is a series of the largest temporary exhibitions that have been constructed throughout the year, the most important of which is the very exceptional exhibition, which is considered one of the most important and most beautiful tourist attractions in Ontario in the form of General, and the most famous exhibits include a collection of the most important works held in Canada and Africa, and beyond the oceans besides European art, and the museum also has a large collection of Canadian paintings.

  • Casa Loma:

    This building is located on beautiful land and was well preserved. It is an exceptional building that reminds us to a large extent of the medieval buildings and castles. It was originally built with the goal of Sir Henry Pilate, a Canadian who is eccentric and multi-million, and he was one of the first to know the exploitation And building a money revolution from Niagara Falls, and he created nearly 100 rooms, including 13 eleven bathrooms, and then the house became a wonderful museum and became one of the most beautiful tourist places that Ontario exists, and visitors come to them to enjoy the past that is characterized by European elegance and splendor, and there are the most important castles Major Canada and Secret Passes, A tunnel with a length of approximately 800 feet, along with towers, stables or five acres of gardens and real estate.

  • Ontario Zoo:

The huge Ontario Zoo is located on the Red River, and there are a group of thousands of animals of all kinds and sizes, and it is one of the most important tourist areas that attract tourists to it because it is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions that exist in Ontario due to its contain of the panda exhibition that had been opened in Ontario Since the year 2013 AD, the zoo is divided into many different departments to represent every region in the world, including the rare North America section of its kind, with a large group of different types of bears, as well as the wide bison park, and the exciting polarium August, and includes some of the attractions inside the zoo, including the African savannah park, the Great Barrier Reef and other.

  • Ontario Islands:

A ferry trip that starts from Queen’s Quay Station to the Ontario Islands, which is located one kilometer from the beach, is an introduction to a walk and fun, there are beautiful locations on the islands and we also offer opportunities for kayaking, sailing, tourism and other outdoor activities, and the ferry docks exotic houses That gives the place a magical touch a variety, and in the summer the islands become an important place for many events, including seeing the ports and the islands are characterized by a wonderful view, as it is located Centerville Park, Amusement Park, and owns a variety of horse riding activities for children, and the Ontario Islands Sir ferry service is launched Yassin from Queens Quay and then move each Ontario Islands it is one of the most beautiful tourist places that exist in Ontario.

  • High Park:

The huge green garden that consists of a group of sunken gardens as well as basketball gardens, along with natural paths and natural ponds, which is state property, and has an area of ​​165 acres and was owned in the descent by Howard Businessman who introduced the park to the city of Ontario since 1873, and has highlighted Animal meadows as well as swimming pools, playgrounds and picnic areas, and taking tours by train with attractive landscapes, and includes the reasons that make High Park one of the most important and beautiful tourist places that exist in Ontario, and a number of parks that have been established in the 19th century, along with a school Coach House and Howd’s Tomb.

  • City Hall:

Al-Mohemari Henry Moore was able to control the vast area of ​​Nathan Phillips, which is one of the most important tourist places that exist in Ontario due to the bronze notes of “The Archer”, which is the new city hall that is still highly appreciated and was designed by the engineer The talented Finnish architect Viljo Revell has been built since 1965.




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