The most famous tourist place in Milan

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Milan is a city of magic and attraction, which has many ancient and ancient places and attractions, along with a large number of distinctive places, which is one of the best and largest cities in Italy, and it is considered one of the most attractive cities for visitors from different parts of the world in Italy, and we will show you The most famous and best places to visit in Milan.

The most famous places in Milan:

Milan includes a large number of tourist places that attract many visitors from different parts of the earth, because the city of Milan contains ancient monuments as well as modern as well as recreational places, which we will get acquainted with this article.

First: ancient features:

Ancient monuments are among the places that visitors are always attracted to to learn about the history and civilization of the country. The ancient monuments are a symbol of ancient history in Milan because they include a group of ancient tourist places, and among the most famous of those ancient tourist attractions in Milan are the following:

1- Sforzesco Castle:

Sforzesco Castle is considered one of the ancient tourist places in Milan, and the castle was established in about the fifteenth century, and was subsequently restored and is one of the most famous ancient monuments.

Contents of the Sforzesco Castle:

  • The exterior of the castle boasts many stunning views, due to the picturesque architectural design of the castle.
  • The outside is also surrounded by large green areas that you can sit and relax.
  • The castle also includes many different sections, which have many ancient artifacts.
  • There is also a museum with a lot of antiques in it, as well as multiple castle rooms.
  • As for the courtyard of the castle also includes a large green space next to the fountains, as well as some plants and roses.

The dates of visiting the castle and entrance fees:

  • The castle can be visited on a daily basis, from seven in the morning until five in the evening except on Monday.
  • As for the entrance fees to the castle, a ticket of five euros per person is required.
  • As for children up to the age of eighteen, they are admitted free of charge.

2- Arc de Triomphe:

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the ancient monuments that exist in the city of Milan, because it dates back to the nineteenth century, and is a large gate, also called the Arc of Peace.

Entertainment around the Arc de Triomphe:

  • You can enjoy watching this great edifice, which dates back to ancient times.
  • You can also enjoy sitting in the green garden directly overlooking the Arc de Triomphe, which includes many plants and trees.
  • A group of memorial photos can be taken alongside this great edifice.

3- The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Market:

This market is considered one of the oldest shopping places in Milan, since the establishment of that market from the nineteenth century, and it is a great source of attraction for visitors from all over the world to enjoy shopping in one of the largest markets in Italy.

Market contents:

  • The market includes many shops that include many different commodities including jewelry, as well as some souvenir shops.
  • Books, as well as the most beautiful paintings, can be obtained from the many selling shops on the market.
  • The market also includes one of the most famous and oldest restaurants that serves delicious food.
  • There is also a historical café on the market, which dates back to one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven and is considered one of the oldest cafes in Milan.

Market visit dates:

The market can be visited daily throughout the year from nine in the morning until ten in the evening.

4- Milan Cathedral:

The Cathedral of Milan is one of the largest and oldest churches that exist in Italy, and its establishment dates back to the year one thousand three hundred and eighty six, and was built over the course of five hundred years, until it reached that great shape and distinctive architectural design.

Contents of Milan Cathedral:

  • The cathedral includes distinctive architectural design, as well as it includes many different sections.
  • The church houses the colorful walls, which are designed with precious stones, along with the columns of artistic design and ancient Maari.
  • The church houses a small museum that contains many ancient artifacts and antiques of ancient kings.

Second: Entertainment places:

The city of Milan also includes many distinctive entertainment places, which are considered one of the most attractive places for visitors from all over the world, and the most important entertainment places that we recommend you to visit in Milan are the following:

1- La Scala Theater:

The Theater La Scala is one of the most beautiful and famous recreational places that exist in the city of Milan, because it is one of the ancient theaters, where its history dates back to the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-eight.

Entertainment at the La Scala Theater:

  • Enjoy watching many paintings as well as lyric paintings for the most famous ancient singers through the small museum in the theater.
  • Several shows and plays suitable for children and for all family members taking place on the stage can be seen.
  • Enjoy watching lyric performances and opera performances by major artists in this field that are held on stage on a daily basis.

2- Cefico de Aquarium:

The Civico Aquarium is one of the most beautiful places in Milan, because it is one of the most beautiful entertainment places that suit all family members.

Entertainment at the Cefico de Aquarium:

  • You can enjoy watching many animals and marine creatures of various types and sizes, which are found in that special place.
  • Enjoy walking between the different park paths, which are surrounded by marine creatures from each side.
  • You can also visit the cinema in the building, which displays documentaries related to marine creatures.

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