New guide to the most beautiful tourist places in Cairo is recommended to visit from the experiences of travelers, the city of Cairo is one of the most wonderful places where many cultural, historical and recreational attractions meet, as Cairo is famous for its traditional popular atmosphere, this city is known for its bustling nightlife where cafes and the Nile Corniche are packed with visitors. In order to enjoy seeing the Nile in the evening times, this watchful city that embraces many and many tourist places, where a lot of tourists come from all over the world every year, and in this article on Arab travelers we will talk about the most prominent Tourist places can be visited during presence in the city of Cairo.

The most beautiful places in Cairo:

  • The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx:

Natural when talking about tourism in Cairo, the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are among the first and most famous monuments to come to mind, where the pyramids and sphinx are located on the bank of the Nile River from the western side, which are three pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, where they were built 2500 years ago The pyramids are the royal tombs of each pyramid that bears the name of the king who built it and was buried in it, and the pyramid structure is the best witness to the stage of the development of the art of tomb architecture in ancient Egypt, and the pyramids are considered one of the greatest mysteries of ancient and modern history, as they are described as one of The Seven Wonders of the World, while Bo Sphinx It is a statue of a mythical creature was embodied on the human head and the body of a lion body, there is a common belief that the Sphinx was built in the reign of King Chephren, located in front of the pyramid of Khafre, and is considered the Sphinx of the oldest and largest sculptures and one of the most prominent historical landmarks in Giza.

  • Cairo Tower :

The Cairo Tower provides visitors with the most beautiful views of the neighborhoods and monuments of the city of Cairo, where the height of the Cairo Tower reaches 187 meters, and is located in the heart of Cairo on the island of Zamalek, and the tower includes at its top a unique restaurant, where this restaurant is located on a rotating platform, which the visitor can see its comprehensive view For the tourist areas in Cairo.

  • Tahrir Square :

It is considered one of the largest squares in Cairo, and was previously known as the Ismailia Square for Khedive Ismail, and after Egypt was liberated from colonialism in 1919 it was called the Tahrir Square, and this field is the vibrant center of Cairo, with a number of shops, cafes and restaurants in its vicinity.

  • Pharaonic Village :

It is considered one of the best tourist attractions in Cairo, and it is considered one of the ideal places to get acquainted with the civilization of the Pharaohs and the history of Egypt, where there can discover the lifestyle that prevailed in the ages of the Pharaohs, this village mimics the ancient villages of the pharaohs for thousands of years, which enables to get to know the nature of the Pharaonic life from Where its buildings, contents and landmarks.

  • Opera House :

It is the National Cultural Center, and it was opened in 1988 and this building was built as a grant by the Japanese government to the Egyptian government, as it was built on the island’s land in Cairo. The Opera House includes a number of recreational and cultural centers and many art works and museums.

  • Khan Al-Khalily :

Khan Al-Khalili includes many exhibits of handicrafts such as copper and wood crafts, and other souvenirs and antiques that applaud tourists for their purchase as souvenirs from the city of Cairo, and this market includes a number of famous libraries and cafes such as El Fishawy Cafe.

  • Baron Palace:

It is considered one of the unique architectural masterpieces found in Cairo, and this palace was built by the Belgian millionaire Baron Adwar, who came to Egypt in the 19th century, and the Baron Palace is located in Heliopolis on Al-Oruba Street.

  • City Stars Complex:

It is one of the most prominent shopping destinations in Cairo, and it is one of the largest shopping malls in the city, as it includes many shops specialized in selling the most international brands of fashion and clothing, a huge number of restaurants and cafes, and a number of cinemas, as well as a number of entertainment places for children.

  • Salah al-den al-ayobi’s castle :

It is considered one of the most luxurious war castles that were built in the Middle Ages, and Salah El-Din Castle is located in the Citadel neighborhood, and is surrounded by many ancient mosques dating back to the Fatimid era, such as Ibn Tulun Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque and Al-Rifai Mosque.

  • Egyptian Museum :

This museum is located in Tahrir Square, and it is considered one of the oldest museums in the world. It was designed in a different style from the oldest museums that were designed in the form of a house. It consists of two floors and the number of its archaeological holdings is more than 160 artifacts, as well as it contains a number of mummies, on the floor The first of the museum contains the large-scale monuments that are arranged according to their history, while the second floor displays statues, small-scale monuments and many wooden coffins and manuscripts.

  • October War Panorama:

It is a building with a cylindrical shape that approximates the shape of the mosque. The panorama building was designed in an Islamic style and was built during the October War period, in which documentaries of war are presented in a distinctive and exciting way.

  • Military Museum:

This museum was built in 1826 by order of Muhammad Ali, this military museum is located in the palace of the castle sanctuary, and this museum was previously the residence of the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha, then it was converted to be the seat of the English military ruler during the rule of the British occuAl Bahahn of Egypt, and during the reign of King Farouk it was restored Under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense, the museum contains a large number of warships dating back to the Pharaohs era.

  • Zuwaila Gate:

This door is located in Cairo close to the Hassan Mosque, and the market on this street is considered the most vocal market, it is an integrated market with its treasures, and the door Zuweila is the only door that remains from the southern wall that borders the old city of Cairo.

  • Fortress of Napoleon:

The Napoleon fortress is located precisely at the entrance to Coptic Cairo, and all the remains of this fortress are these large towers guarding the fortress, as well as the presence of some clear remnants facing the Coptic Museum.

  • Nile City boat:

This boat is considered one of the truly enchanting experiences, as there are four restaurants on the boat, namely Studio Egypt, Chili’s, Fish Loop and in a casino, where you can eat while enjoying the scenic view of the Nile.

  • Aquarium :

Or as it is known as the Habbalah Garden, this park is located in Zamalek in Cairo, and was established in 1867 by Khedive Ismail.

  • Sayeda Zeinab Mosque:

One of the largest and most famous mosques in the city of Cairo, and this mosque is attributed to Mrs. Zainab bint Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, and is located in the neighborhood of Sayyida Zainab, and this neighborhood has taken its name from the owner of the maqam inside the mosque.

  • The eyes course:

This wall is known as the Aqueduct, established during the reign of Sultan Al-Nasir Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi, the founder of the Ayyubid state in Egypt, and then renewed after him by the Ghori Sultan during a period of wisdom.

  • Egyptian Civilization Museum:

This museum was established during the reign of King Farouk, as it contains many oil paintings, photographs, artifacts, pictures and many monuments dating back to the Stone Age and the Pharaohs, Romens, Greece and many Coptic and Islamic monuments.

  • Child park:

This park is devoted to children’s games, as it contains many natural green areas and many games.

Dar Al Uloom Park:

This open public park has many natural green spaces, and includes a large number of trees.

  • Moez Street :

This street is an open museum of Islamic antiquities, and Al-Moez Street is located in the Al-Azhar area in Fatimid Cairo, it is characterized by its streets paved with precious stones, so that it becomes the first pedestrian street.

  • The Coptic Museum:

This museum collects a huge variety of historical possessions and Coptic monuments, and the museum is located inside the fortress of Napoleon.

  • Cairo Jazz Club:

This club is a night club that was established ten years ago in order to give a platform to emerging local artists, and to serve as a meeting point for young people and a music scene to spend fun and special times, and from this club many music groups such as Skrudavir and the downtown band were launched.

  • Saqqara Pyramids

Saqqara is an Egyptian village 22 km south of Cairo, and there is a wide cemetery that includes many of the tombs of the kings and tombs of people belonging to ages starting from the first family until the era of the Ptolemies, among the most important tombs there is the Step Pyramid of Djoser, in addition to many pyramids of the kings of the Fifth Dynasty Sixth, and there are many tombs of the nobility of Egypt, such as T, Ptah, Hoteb, and Merioca, and there are tombs dating back to the Persian era.

  • The Coptic Museum:

This museum is located in ancient Egypt within the borders of the Fort of Napoleon, and the construction of this museum during the Persians and many additions were added to the museum during the reign of the Romen Emperor August and the Romen Emperor Trajan, and it is reported that the French scientist Maspero collected many Coptic artworks and allocated a hall for them.

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