When we mention tourism, it is necessary to mention Egypt, the mother of the world, as it is the first and basic source of tourism and for all lovers of travel and enjoying all the elements of tourism, from cultural tourism, religious tourism and historical tourism, it owns a third of the world’s monuments and embraces many scenic landscapes, and Egypt is one of the best countries that can be visited in Any day of the year it is famous for its wonderful and moderate weather throughout the seasons of the year, and therefore Egypt is the primary destination for the desired tourism, which is famous for the important historical monuments and value that attract tourists from all over the world.

The most famous tourist places in Egypt:

There are a lot of tourist places in Egypt that are distributed over the entire cities of Egypt and the most important cities are:

First: The most famous tourist places in Egypt, Cairo:

  • Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the city that gathers a lot of tourist places that tourists want to see and enjoy. Among the most important of these places and historical and archaeological attractions are the famous “Pyramids of Giza”, which is one of the wonders of the world that many tourists go to see and reflect on its wonderful design in construction. The architecture also contains the statue of the “Great Sphinx” that amazes all visitors, which indicates the extent and strength of the ancient Egyptians.
  • In Cairo, there are a lot of places that contain important Islamic monuments, which you will notice their presence in many of the old neighborhoods that are expressed by the minarets standing in the sky of the city, the most important of which is the “Ibn Tulun Mosque” and the “Muhammad Ali Mosque”. You also see the extent of mastery of Ottoman architecture through Your visit to the “Sultan Ahmed” School and the castle “Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyoubi”.
  • You can also enjoy a wonderful tour of beauty by shopping in the ancient popular market, “Khan Al Khalili Market”
  • You can also enjoy seeing the most important famous Coptic monuments, which is represented in seeing the most beautiful churches, such as the “Hanging Church”, “St. Gerges” Church, and “The Cave” Church.
  • As for the modern side located in the city of Cairo, it is represented in your vision of theaters, parks, clubs, restaurants and all stores, all of this and more, you will find it on “Zamalek” Street.

Second: The most famous tourist places in Egypt, Alexandria:

As for the city of Alexandria, it means a lot and a lot of joy, love and romance by simply seeing its beautiful and distinctive beach, in addition to enjoying seeing the famous “Qaitbay” castle and visiting the gardens of “Montazah Palace” which are known to many to its magnificence and beauty.
It is known about the city of Alexandria is that whoever goes to it even once will never forget it, and Alexandria includes many hotels, tourist resorts, shopping centers and fine restaurants.
It also includes the oldest library in history, the “Library of Alexandria”, whose walls combine many valuable and important books and ancient manuscripts, as it is considered a great refuge and heritage for all people who are thirsty for knowledge and lovers of reading.

Third: The most famous tourist places in Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh:

Sharm El Sheikh when we talk about it, the first thing that comes to our minds is the magnificence of the enchanting nature that blends the sands of the desert with the sea and the wonderful beaches that you will not be able to distance from it from its magnificence, its beauty and the state of relaxation that afflicts you there.
There are many hotels that help you and provide you with all the services needed to enjoy the trip.
There are a lot of tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh that make it one of the most important global and local tourism destinations and one of the most important is the “Ras Mohamed Reserve” and this reserve is one of the most beautiful areas that you will see one day where you will have the opportunity to dive between the most beautiful coral reefs and marine life that will amaze you when you see them from the extent Its beauty and charm is breathtaking
Likewise, Tiran Island, it contains a wonderful marine world of many different fishes and wonderful and wonderful creatures.
We must not forget when we visit Sharm El Sheikh. We must go to a trip in the desert and oases, get to know the Bedouins and spend a wonderful time with them and enjoy with them having Arabic coffee in the wonderful night with the bright stars. This is truly a visit and a trip.

Fourth: The most famous tourist places in Egypt, Hurghada:

Hurghada is one of the most well-known and famous tourist cities, and what distinguishes the city of Hurghada from others is that visitors and tourists find everything that they want and wish to see and enjoy in this wonderful city and spend their time with real pleasure they can not waste time without enjoying it and seeing a lot of wonderful tourist places, so they are moving away From the ancient city of Luxor, it is only about three hours away from El Gouna, about half an hour, and one hour away from Safaga.
And includes the city of Hurghada, the most famous and beautiful Morsi yachts, which is “Marsa Alam” is distinguished for its beauty and the presence of many wonderful restaurants, cafes and shops that give you the opportunity to shop.
The most characteristic of it is the presence of the “Giftun” islands, which are one of the most beautiful beaches of the world at all. When you visit Hurghada, it is necessary to enjoy every minute of your time there.

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