A comprehensive guide about the most famous tourist places around the world, and the most beautiful one at all. When it comes to tourism and an unforgettable vacation, a person is confused, as there are many and many places that he wants to visit all, so why not start visiting the most famous places in the field Tourism in order to definitely not disappoint and to enjoy your time to the fullest.

The most famous tourist places:

We will talk about the most beautiful tourist destinations around the world according to the latest statistics:

Kainuu is the world’s greatest river:

It is the most beautiful river in the world at all. It is also called the multicolored river, where you will be amazed to see the dazzling colors that are in harmony with each other in a spectacular way behind me.
As for the area of ​​the river, its length is one hundred kilometers and its width exceeds twenty meters.

The White Desert in Egypt:

It is one of the wonders of the Western Sahara and it is located in the New Valley region, and it has a very creative appearance and in relation to its place it is located near the capital of the country, Cairo.

Marble Caves of Chile:

You will find yourself in impressive natural caves made of marble. You will feel that you have become part of a painting made by Lake General Kayra, which increases the beauty of the scene. The lake has water of dazzling turquoise colors, similar to the beauty of its precious emerald.

The fictional wave in the Arizona desert:

  • It is located in the United States of America, and it is one of the most famous tourist places around the world, which is visited by tourists in order to see this wonderful miracle with their eyes. Where you will find sand rocks forming a very magical body.
  • You will find sand in the form of layers distributed horizontally and have many charming colors, which is originally composed of iron oxide.
  • The fairytale entrance fee in deserts is seven dollars and it means more than ten million people every year in order to see this wonderful place.

Badland Garden in the United States:

It is found in the western area of ​​South Dakota, and is one of the national parks where grass is spread and allows scientists to study how mammals have evolved over the ages.
The Great Sparkling Spring in the United States:
The water spring is the largest ever in the world and is for hot water and is part of the nature reserves in the United States of America, and the depth of water in it reaches more than fifty meters.

Hell’s Gate in Turkmenistan:

It is located in Karakum, in the north of Abad, and it is one of the regions that contain a large amount of natural gas and ignition occurred in the seventies and it was expected that the gases will be extinguished on their own, but until now it is still burning in a magical and unique way, which is why it is called the Gate of Hell.

Huanglong Valley in the Republic of China:

The valley is one of the wonderful places that attracts tourists from all over the world, its slope is 3699 meters, and it means in Chinese the yellow dragon.

Moon Valley in Brazil:

It is one of the most beautiful valleys in Brazil and one of the most important attractions for tourists in it and its famous name is Delle de Lois, which means Valley of the Moon in Arabic.

Atacama Desert in Chile:

It is located along the coast of Chile on the Pacific Rim, which is a very long strip reaching 899 thousand kilometers.
The Atacama Desert is known for its intense beauty of the colorful flowers in which it is found in an impressive poetic form.

The best tourist destination in the world:

Here are the best and most popular tourist destinations around the world and we leave the choice for you:

Tourism in Amsterdam in the Netherlands:

It is one of the most famous tourist places around the world, among us who do not want to visit Amsterdam, known for its beautiful nature, elegant homes, the beauty of its streets and the level of sophistication its residents enjoy. Amsterdam is called the city of color, due to the magnificence of the medieval architecture, which is still preserved in its original state to this day.

Tourism in Dubai Emirates:

One of the most famous tourist places today, which has won great fame in a very short time, the economy of Dubai is based primarily on tourism, and its residents are very loving to guests and welcome them and treat them with friendliness, and it is one of the best destinations for enjoying great places at low cost, which is why tourists are so interested in them.

Tourism in Bern, Switzerland:

It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations ever. It is known from the city that fragrant history, which smelt from all its beautiful streets and spread in it fountains of sparkling water and distinctive sand stones.
The people in Bern are very educated and welcome in tourists, and they usually attract fans of the ancient classical heritage, which is the capital of Switzerland and one of the most important countries that excelled in engineering and architecture in it.

Tourism in Sydney, Australia:

One of the most important tourist places around the world, it is provided with all the services the tourist needs, picturesque natural areas, beaches for swimming, diving and participating in various activities. One of the most important characteristics of the city’s beaches is that it is very safe.
Sydney has one of the largest shopping centers around the world, in addition to many restaurants that prepare delicious dishes and fresh seafood.

Tourism in Zurich Switzerland:

When we talk about the most famous wonderful places around the world, it is not possible to mention the city of Zurich, which is one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland at all, as God loved it with green hills and fresh lakes that can participate in many marine activities that take place in it.
Wherever you go in Zurich you will find nature masterpieces from all sides in addition to the beauty of restaurants and cafes, which is one of the safest cities and has all the different needs of tourists and upscale hotels and international shopping centers as it is one of the major economic centers in the state of Switzerland.

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