The most famous Turkish clothing brands

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Turkey is one of the leading countries in the garment industry with its attire as the most famous Turkish clothing brands are internationally classified in terms of quality and accuracy in industry, art and innovation in design in the world of fashion and the latest trends. Given the diversity of the market and the strength of competition there are many Turkish brands in general. Most Turkish fashion is characterized by decency and made
Manual and each has its own character and special features, so we will review the most famous and best and the features of each brand and what makes it unique from others

The most famous Turkish clothing brands:

Among the most famous Turkish brands that you can buy from are the following:

LC Waikiki:

The most famous Turkish clothing brands - The most famous Turkish clothing brandsIt is one of the internationally classified brands, which are not only found in Turkey, but are considered among the international brands that did not originate in Turkey, but rather
She started competing in the global markets from France, specifically in Paris in the late eighties of the twentieth century in 1986 and continued to provide unique clothes in more than 500 stores in all parts of the world. The C Waikiki brand offers very charming and elegant fashion. Not only for women but also Men and children, which are abundant in both Istanbul and Ankara and Bursa markets and are available in other parts of Turkey, there are more than 400 stores for this brand in Turkey and sales exceeded more than 3 billion dollars. In the beginning the company was part of the Turkish textile company, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is Being indecent and at the same time different The innovation and innovation. The C Waikiki brand presents fashion on the latest international fashion and the exhibits are distinguished by their newness and unpriced prices to suit everyone. The company launched its website to purchase goods or know the price and the clothes available in its various branches, as follows, its website: http: // Read also: The best outlet markets in Istanbul

Collezione group stores

The most famous Turkish clothing brands - The most famous Turkish clothing brandsIf you are a travel fan, the Colzion collection offers a lot of clothes of a unique nature in the latest trends
International fashion and affordable prices for the rest of the Turkish brands. They are famous for travel clothes for children, men and women, they enjoy products of very high quality and luxurious. You will find more than 500 stores in all countries of Turkey, especially in Istanbul, in Ankara and in Izmir, they offer Kulzion products
In addition to the availability of its products also abroad. There are some factories for this Turkish brand outside Turkey as well because it is one of the most famous international brands for displaying and manufacturing travel clothes in particular. Collezione company website:


1581224572 237 The most famous Turkish clothing brands - The most famous Turkish clothing brandsOne of the most famous women’s clothing brands that specializes in manufacturing women’s bags and accessories in a global modern style. Most of the HOTİÇ brand products are of high-value natural leather, which is the reason for the high prices of their products. Many of the bags are handcrafted and with very high accuracy to suit the tastes of most women. the same time
It is unique in its different and distinctive shape, which distinguishes it from the other brands on the market in addition to the colors made of bags and accessories in a very luxurious way. The Hautek brand offers a lot of high-quality bags and women’s accessories at affordable prices for all. Products are characterized by accuracy in manufacturing and high quality, whether in industry or in raw materials Natural distinctive in form and at the same time practical for the sale of this unique brand provides more than 120 stores throughout Turkey. Your visit to her will definitely not be forgotten. HOTİÇ brand website Read also: Veiled clothing stores in Istanbul

Ipekyol brand:

1581224572 141 The most famous Turkish clothing brands - The most famous Turkish clothing brandsAll women who are interested in the latest international fashion and want to acquire and wear everything that is new and unique will find what they dream about in the stores of this international brand that originated in Turkey. The brand Ipekyol appeared in the last eighties of the last century. The fashion of this brand is characterized by luxury and high quality And sophistication in design has gained a great turnout in the markets from the first moment, which made it easy to enter the competition in the global markets as a Turkish fashion brand specializing in modern clothes. It offers clothes made of leather in addition to high-end fabrics and casual clothes suitable for both veiled and unveiled and designed On the latest fashion, this Turkish brand also offers women’s accessories, bags made of pure natural leather and various shoes in their colors, types and shapes, which will make you very distinctive among your friends and colleagues. The website of the brand:

Brand: Vakko

Vakko is one of the most famous Turkish brands that seeks to provide the latest fashion and varied and renewable clothes in its designs. It offers clothes for men and women with very individual designs and very sophisticated fabrics. The Fakku brand has a variety of bright colors from which clothing, bags and shoes are made of leather. At the same time, it is one of the oldest brands that arose in Turkey in the year 1934. The Fakku brand is one of the most expensive Turkish brands ever because it is very luxurious and has a lot Her lover is a fan of stylish clothing with a modern character. The brand’s website:

Brand: Kotton:

1581224573 537 The most famous Turkish clothing brands - The most famous Turkish clothing brandsOne of the most famous brands that originated in Turkey in the late eighties in Istanbul, which has international fame. This brand is sold in many European countries, including Germany, where it opened its stores in the year 1996. The brand started at home in the countries of the Middle East in the year 2002. There are more than 290 stores across Turkey and they are more concentrated in Istanbul markets while
There are about a hundred stores selling Kotton products in countries other than Turkey. What distinguishes this brand is that it combines uniqueness in design and the fact that its prices are not high, which suits the requirements of most of the women who are keen to enjoy an elegant and decent appearance. We have offered the most famous Turkish brands of clothing and Turkish brands that you must You should definitely visit and shop in its stores if you are a fan of shopping and see the latest fashion trends, and most of these Turkish brands are found in malls and shopping centers. You will find most of the stores are specially stationed in Istanbul, followed by Izmir, Ankara and Bursa.


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