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What are the most important tips before traveling to Spain?

If you are planning to visit the big and famous sights, we advise you to book entrance passes before your arrival
This is to avoid waiting queues, especially during peak days, and before going to a tourist attraction or restaurant, check the available times for visiting

When you travel to a major city in Spain such as Barcelona or Madrid, beware of widespread theft, and try to put your valuables in the hotel’s safe areas or when you visit one of the tourist attractions

You may be surprised that a large percentage of the Spanish people are not good at speaking English, and languages ​​vary in Spain by region
But everyone can communicate with you in Spanish, we advise you to use a mobile translator or learn some basic words such as salutation, parties, and food.

A lot of tourists are busy visiting big cities. We advise you not to forget to visit the rural areas. They are very beautiful and the people are very friendly.

When staying in a hotel in Spain, try to ask about anything before you leave the hotel, such as festivals times, and the best nearby restaurants

Spanish cuisine is influenced by the oriental nature and is worthy of experience as Spanish cuisine is one of the most famous kitchens in the world and the most famous international restaurants are in Spain and won many awards

How to get a Spain visa?

Citizens of all Arab countries must issue a tourist visa to Spain and it must be valid for 90 days. It is preferable to submit the application to the Spanish consulates in your country.
You are required to fill out the application form, personal photos in the size of the passport photo, and confirm that the passport is valid for at least 6 months, a financial statement from the bank, a health insurance permit, a letter of recommendation from the workplace or school, a copy of the hotel reservation or travel ticket
The application is often exempt from fees, and it is preferable to inquire further at the consulate of the country in which it is located

What are the best times to travel to Spain?

The spring and autumn are the best times to visit Spain, as the spring is ideal for visiting the central regions of Spain

Also, the fall season is one of the best times for tourism in Spain, as it is characterized by its beautiful climate. Most of the days are sunny and the sky is clear in this season.

The temperature is somewhat high in summer, while winter is an opportunity for winter sports enthusiasts to practice their hobbies in mountainous areas.

In general, the 5 months – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 are the best months to travel to Spain

How much does it cost to travel to Spain?

The cost of travel to Spain depends on the length of stay, the budget available, the hotel to be booked, and the timing, in general the average daily cost for two people except for the cost of visa and flight ranges between 150-200 euros
The cost of tourism in Spain is cheap when compared to other countries in Europe, such as France and England

What are the best hotels in Spain?

You can get to know the best hotels in Spain according to each city in Spain, based on the Arab visitors’ reviews of the best hotels in Spain

What are the best tourist cities in Spain?

We dedicated the following article to introduce you to the best tourist cities in Spain … read more

What are the best telecommunications companies in Spain?

There are several companies in Spain, such as Movistar, Vodafone, Orang, and the chips can be obtained through its offices, in the commercial markets, or at airports.
Each company has its internal and international pricing, and you can get the information and offers that suit you before purchasing the mobile card

What are the main airports in Spain?

Spain has many airports that may interest you when traveling to Spain, we will mention the most important of them:
Madrid Barajas International Airport, Barcelona International Airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport, and Malaga International Airport

What are the distances between Spanish cities?

The distance between Madrid and Barcelona

The distance between Barcelona and Marbella

The distance between Madrid and Granada

The distance between Madrid and Marbella

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