In this article, we have answered the most important questions about travel to Turkey and the most common inquiries from most Arab tourists. We also welcome your inquiries in the comments.

How much does it cost to travel to Turkey?

To start with, you have to know that choosing a flight date makes the cost of travel to Turkey vary from time to time according to the seasons and dates of the year, especially if we talk about airline tickets and hotel accommodations.
For example, if you stay away from weekends and public holidays, you will save a lot, and hotels during the tourist seasons increase their prices significantly, you can avoid that
The estimated cost of travel to Turkey for two people is $ 2750, including airline tickets, hotel reservations, transportation, food and personal expenses. We have dedicated an article in which we talk about the cost of travel to Turkey. You can view it from here

How do you get a Turkish visa?

You can obtain a Turkish visa or a Turkish visa electronically and the price varies from one country to another and for the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council it is limited to 20 dollars (75 SAR) and for a period of 3 months from the date of issuance

What are the most important tips before traveling to Turkey?

• Do not convert the currency in your country or airport, as it is often high and inappropriate, but you will find many exchange offices located throughout Turkey that do the service without additional fees.

• We advise you to buy a local SIM card and put it in your mobile phone for use within the Turkish borders, because making local calls from your line will incur heavy costs

• It is useful to learn some Turkish words before traveling to Turkey, as you may need to use them. We also recommend using a program for translation on your mobile phone.

Finally, you should know that the cost of travel to Turkey depends mainly on your development of a good travel plan, starting with flight reservations and ending with personal expenses.

What are the best times to travel to Turkey?

This question may come to your mind and answering it requires some detail. As we mentioned at the beginning, Turkey is a diversified country and it is a permanent tourist destination in all seasons of the year.
The spring season between April and May is considered the most suitable for travel to Turkey as it is characterized by a pleasant climate, and we recommend visiting Istanbul and its surroundings during this period.
In the summer, tourists resort to either the beaches, and among the most famous coastal cities of Turkey we mention, Antalya, Marmaris and Bodrum, or to the cool green highlands in the cities of northern Turkey
The fall in Turkey extending between September, October and November is the best way to visit the tourist places in Turkey, where the weather in them is fairly moderate and becomes suitable for hiking and going out.
Finally, winter in Turkey starts from December, January, February and March, so the weather is cold and snowy, and the growing demand for winter resorts, the most famous of which is Uludag Mountain in Bursa and Mount Kartbeh.

What is the most important tourist cities of Turkey?

You can get to know the best tourist cities in Turkey by watching this guide, which we have prepared for every Arab tourist who intends to travel to Turkey .. Read more

What are the best hotels in Turkey?

You can get to know the best hotels in Turkey according to each city in Turkey by watching this guide, which brought us together the recommended hotels in Turkey .. Read more

What are the distances between Turkish cities?

Here are the distances between the most important cities of Turkey:

The distance between Istanbul and Antalya

The distance between Istanbul and Bursa

It takes an hour and a half or two hours by sea by ferry from Kabatash or Yenikapi

The distance between Istanbul and Willow

The distance between Istanbul and Trabzon

The distance between Istanbul and Sapanca

What are the best means of transport in Turkey?

Mobility within the cities of Turkey can be by using public transportation available from buses, subways and others, and this option is almost the cheapest or by renting a private car with or without a driver and each has its costs

What are the telecom companies in Turkey?

Three major telecom companies are Torxel, Vodafone, Avia

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