Tourism in Greek Cyprus has a distinctive and attractive taste, as the island of Cyprus located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea possesses the vast beaches and the green nature of public parks and has entertainment and entertainment for all visitors in general and for children in particular, as well as the warm waters for water sports lovers.

Tourism in Greek Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is filled with the scent of the calm sea and the green, wet mountains. Wherever you go, you can see a different color of nature. It is worth noting that the island of Cyprus is an island of exciting activities such as skiing on the Trooders Mountains, diving in water and entertaining activities such as concerts.
Together we will get to know more about this island and the most important tourist places in Cyprus

Geography of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is located at the end of the southwestern part of the Mediterranean, about 380 km north of Egypt, 105 km west of Syria and 75 km south of Turkey The main Greek lands are about 800 km to the west. The island area of ​​Cyprus is 9251 square kilometers.
The most important cities and places of tourism in Greek Cyprus:


It is located in the southeastern region of the island of Cyprus, it is the second largest city for tourists in the world and is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Greek Cyprus, as it is an ideal area for recreation accompanied by the beach nature. Suitable for all ages. Tourists here simulate the essential purity of nature by their instinct away from language and religion. It is sufficient for the human spirit to speak only

Ayanapa - Tourism in Cyprus


Platres, located under the foothills of the mountains, sought to have a role in the tourism renaissance in Cyprus, as the tourists in Platres spend the happiest times away from the sunny Greek beaches of Greece and the crowded parks under the green canopy of pine forests and in it many hotels branching into dense forests from the most beautiful tourist areas in Cyprus And calmly

Tourism in Cyprus - Platres


Paphos is the capital of the cultural island of Cyprus, being rich in many cultural and archaeological monuments, notably the tombs of the Kings of Adonis have made Paphos the most attractive place for tourists in Cyprus except for the warm baths, waterfalls and other places that are worth a visit as they are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Paphos, Cyprus

The city of Limassol

The second largest city on the island of Cyprus, the capital of a province of the same name, in which one of the largest beaches of Greece and its commercial and financial center. Limassol offers many water activities such as diving and water skiing and is famous for its distinctive historical landmarks. Perhaps the most important of them is the castle dating back to the tenth century and the archaeological museum for fans of ancient history contains many holdings dating back to the Stone and Romen times. Limassol hosts a motorcade in the country every spring, with thousands of visitors

The city of Limassol Cyprus

The city of Larnaca

Larnaca has a clear mixture of Turkish and Greek culture and is the second largest seaport in Cyprus. Larnaca is a unique tourist destination that combines the beauty of nature and the scent of history with its tourist attractions such as the Finikoudes Beach, the Alpha Dive Center and the Larnaca Grand Mosque and in it many resorts and distinct parks Larnaka witnessed great economic growth, especially at the end of the last century

The city of Larnaca Cyprus

The island of Cyprus, the jewel of the Mediterranean and tourism in Greek Cyprus, contributes greatly to the national income of this country because it contains many tourist places

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