Gabala Azerbaijan was founded in 1930 AD, and it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in historical Azerbaijan and its oldest region ever.
The city of Gabala, Azerbaijan, is characterized by its green forests of walnut and chestnut trees, in addition to its historical landmarks and modern facilities such as Gabaland.
The region is located on the historic Silk Road, and is characterized by its unique climatic conditions, its nature that includes waterfalls, rivers and mountain springs, and the dark green colors of the city’s parks.
As an important tourist destination of Azerbaijan, the region has been developed to include many resorts and hotels, as well as various recreational facilities.

Tourist places in Gabala

The most important tourist places in Gabala to visit

• You can visit the ancient walled city of Gabala, called Chukhur Gabala, which dates back to the fourth century BC, which includes old houses and monuments and is one of the most important tourist areas in Gabala Azerbaijan

Tourism in Gabala, Azerbaijan

• You can also visit the new mosque in the city of Gabala, which opened in early 2013, which is considered one of the tourist places in Gabala, as it is a masterpiece with its Quranic motifs and golden religious symbols.

Gabala new mosque in Azerbaijan

• And do not forget to take your children to the city of Gabaland, which is one of the most important tourist places in Gabala, Azerbaijan, which includes many different means of fun, including water and entertainment games, horse riding and others.

Gabaland in Gabala Azerbaijan

• Gabala Azerbaijan contains several wonderful parks that you can visit, the most famous of which is the World War II Memorial Park located near the Damirabranchai River.

Tourism in Gabala, Azerbaijan

• Perhaps one of the most important tourist attractions in Gabala that you must visit is the seven mountain guzel waterfalls that include the highest waterfall in Azerbaijan, which is the Meshkhazdur, which rises 53 meters.

The seven guzel waterfalls are tourist places in Gabala

You can also visit the Gabala Ethnographic History Museum, which was founded in 1980 and displays 13,000 pieces that reflect the history of 2,500 years in the region.

Ethnological Museum of History in the city of Gabala

Gabala city hotels

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Gabala hotels

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