The most important 6 tourist places in Italy

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Most of the time, the charming cities of Italy are very small and rarely find a major city. But regardless of whether it is small or large it is always so amazing that you can spend the most wonderful vacation in your life there. These cities are distinguished by their beautiful colors and architectural style, so they are perfect for relaxing and enjoying a perfect ideal holiday. If you are one of the people who prefer adventures and exploring different aspects of the cities, Italy and its charming cities will be the perfect choice for that. We offer 6 of these cities.

The dazzling cities of Italy

The city of Burano
The most important 6 tourist places in Italy - The most important 6 tourist places in Italy
There are four islands connected by a group of bridges in Lake Venice in northern Italy, one of which is the island of Burano. On this wonderful island lies a very small town with the same name as the island, this wonderful town is full of houses and colorful sidewalks located along the sea and can only be reached by boat. This is definitely one of the cities that you will regret, if not visit.
The city of Alberobello
1581206309 422 The most important 6 tourist places in Italy - The most important 6 tourist places in Italy
The city of Alberobello is located in southern Italy, and it contains architecture that is completely different from any other city, and it is recognized and terrific in all parts of the world. The city was built again during the 16th century by local farmers, and 11,000 residents welcome many tourists every year. If you are planning to visit this wonderful little town then the average room rate in hotels is $ 80
Cinque Terre
1581206309 673 The most important 6 tourist places in Italy - The most important 6 tourist places in Italy
Cinque Terre is located on the edge of the italyn Riviera, and it is a mixture of colorful italyn villages. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Cinque Terre is located in the Ligurian region, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the wonderful scenery of the colorful houses that Built on the cliff, it really looks like a fairy tale.
The city of Positano
1581206309 974 The most important 6 tourist places in Italy - The most important 6 tourist places in Italy
This city is not a city in the literal sense, it is closer to a village than a city and it is located on the slope of the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. This village is a favorite of many tourists all over the world as they come every year to spend their finest holidays. And that the colorful and unique architectural style in the village gives it a distinctive character and makes it one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Italy for the perfect vacation.
The city of Portofino
The famous Portofino Village is the fishing village on the italyn coast of Riviera, the pastel-colored architecture makes it distinct from other fishing villages all over the world. At the top of the castle is the Castillo Brown Castle, which overlooks the Ligurian Sea and dates back to the sixteenth century. There are many restaurants that overlook the beautiful Ligurian Sea and offer delicious fine dining. You can spend the vacation and enjoy staying in the village hotels with an average of $ 180 per night.

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The city of Florence
In Italy, not only small cities are beautiful, but even big, big cities have their own spirit and charm, and Florence is a perfect example of this. Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance and the site of many pieces of art, which were then converted into masterpieces of internationally known and is the capital of the province of Tuscany. There are many things you can enjoy, such as visiting Dante Allegre’s birthplace, Arno River, Florence Cathedral known as Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti and many other great attractions.

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