The most important Arab tourist sites

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Tourism in the Arab countries

Tourism is the main tributary of the economy in the Arab world, where the Arab countries abound with many beautiful tourist sites, visited by millions of tourists annually from all over the world, and tourism in the Arab world is not limited to sites of entertainment and pleasure, but rather includes religious tourism, which is Among the most important tributaries of tourism, and among the most important factors of tourist attraction, especially for Muslims from all parts of the world, and also includes medical tourism and recreation.

Tourism, which includes archaeological sites, is a witness to successive civilizations over the Arab countries, such as the Nabatean civilization, the Pharaonic civilization, Roman civilization, Babylonian, Persian, Islamic and others.

Although some Arab countries are now locked in fierce wars, which have led to a deterioration of tourism in them, such as occupied Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen, these countries remain beautiful, and extend in their cultural and historical depth, so that the Arab world can preserve its authentic Arab identity Pure, which will never be polluted.

The most important tourist sites in the Arab countries

The Arab countries are distinguished by the presence of many tourist sites that attract a large number of tourists annually, and these sites include the following:

Burj Al Arab

It is located in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and was designed by Tom Wright, and it reaches a height of three hundred and twenty-one meters, and it consists of sixty-six floors, which is a whole hotel, which is one of the buildings built on an artificial island, found in the Arabian Gulf, and there is It has an underwater restaurant and seven-star hotel rooms.

Burj Khalifa

It is the highest skyscraper in the whole world, and it is also in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and the most amazing urban designs are reflected in it, and it is one of the most famous tourist sites in the whole world, where millions of visitors come to see it annually, and it is one hundred and fifty-three floors.

Petra city of Jordan

It is one of the seven wonders of the new world, and it is called the Rose City, built by the Arabs of the Nabateans, and it is completely carved in the rock, and Petra is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it is unique to many of the monuments carved in the rock, such as the treasury, the court, the palace of the girl, the amphitheater, as it is evident It contains the greatness of God in the beauty of nature, the rock colorations in the Siq and many of Petra’s landmarks, such as the court, and royal tombs.

Dead Sea

It is the lowest spot on the surface of the earth, visited by thousands of visitors annually, and it is the only sea in the world that has no life, due to the high percentage of salt in it, which is ten times the salt in the seas of the world.

It is four hundred meters below the surface of the sea, and many tourists come to it for recreation and treatment with its water and mud, as the Dead Sea water is considered one of the richest waters with the important natural minerals of the skin, as it heals many diseases.

The city of Baalbek

It is one of the most important archeological and historical cities in Lebanon, visited by thousands of tourists, to enjoy its beautiful scenery and charming nature. It is about eighty-three kilometers from the capital Beirut, and it is one of the most important tourist sites that visitors from all over the world accept, and every year a lyrical festival is held A great technician, flock to stars and celebrities.

Jeita Grotto

It is called the jewel of Lebanese tourism, and the greatness of the Creator, glory be to Him, is evident in the most beautiful natural formations. The Jeita Grotto is located in Wadi Nahr al-Kalb, and is twenty kilometers from the Lebanese capital, and it is one of the natural places, which is a place that attracts tourists from all over the world, It contains a tunnel length of one hundred and twenty meters.

Luxor city

It is one of the most beautiful and oldest tourist and archeological places in the world, and its historical depth extends to about one thousand four hundred years BC, and it contains Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Luxor Museum, Deir Al Bahari and Ramisium Temple.

Abu Simbel city

It is one of the most important Egyptian tourist and archaeological sites. It is located in southern Aswan, and contains two important branches of branches, the Great Temple of Abu Simbel, which is known as Ramses II, and it is one of the most beautiful places at all.

The facade of the temple consists of a height of thirty-three meters, a width of thirty-eight meters, and four large-sized statues of King Ramesses II, where he represents him sitting on his throne and on top of the crown, and this temple was dedicated by the Pharaohs to worship “the sun god”, while the temple of Abu Simbel Al-Sagheer It was built by Ramses II, in honor of his wife, Nefertiti.

Giza Pyramids

It is one of the most famous tourist sites in the world, as it is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and is located in the city of Giza in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is a witness to the greatness of the Pharaonic construction engineering, and it contains three pyramids, the largest pyramid, which is the pyramid of Khufu, and the pyramid of Khafre, which he ordered to build King Khafra, and Menkaure pyramid, which was ordered to be built by King Khafra’s son

The city of Agadir

It is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in the Maghreb, and is visited by tourists from all over the world, and it is a charming coastal city, and it has many tourist sites such as the historical castle of the Kasbah, the Amazigh Museum, Massa, and the historic city of Tiznit, among others.

The city of Meknes

It is one of the most important tourist sites in the Arab Maghreb, and includes many tourist sites, and Roman ruins, and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco in terms of charming nature, and excellence in beautiful architecture.

The city of Babylon

It is one of the most important and most beautiful Iraqi historical cities, and contains the ruins of the hanging gardens of Babylon, which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and has many important monuments, such as palaces, gates, and theaters, and it was the capital of the Babylonians.

The city of Nineveh

It is one of the most famous archeological cities that date back to the Assyrian civilization, and it is considered one of the most important archaeological sites, and it contains a wall of twelve kilometers.

Aleppo city

It is one of the richest archeological sites in the Arab world, and it is found in Syria, and it has civilizations from the oldest civilizations in the world, and it has been punished by the rule of the Acadians, Arameans, Sumerians, Babylonians, Romans, and others such as the Greeks and Byzantines, and thus it is considered one of the most ancient places in the world at all.

Palmyra city

There is a city in Palmyra in the Syrian desert, nicknamed the bride of the desert, and near it there are hot water springs, and it is rich in unique archaeological designs, which belong to several civilizations, such as the Temple of Baal, archaeological baths, stairs, the Arc de Triomphe, and royal tombs.

Church of Notre Dame Africa

It is one of the most important tourist sites located in the north of Algeria, also known as the Church of Algeria, and it is an ancient church, which contains the most beautiful architecture, and designs are very beautiful, and are visited by tourists from all over the world, in addition to containing amazing stunning views.

Bardo Museum of

It belongs to the ethnography, or prehistoric times, and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Algeria, and it contains many distinct and unique artifacts, as well as pottery vessels, it is located in a natural area that contains a charming and picturesque nature.


It is one of the most magnificent Arab tourist sites, and it is found in Yemen, and is characterized by its charming nature, the spread of agricultural terraces on the highlands, and also contains many sites of authentic cultural depth.

The Moroccan city of Fez

It is one of the most important cities of the Kingdom of Morocco, whose cultural depth dates back to the thirteenth century A.D., and is famous for its breathtaking beauty, and its many tourist attractions, the most famous of which is the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, the Andalusian Mosque, the walls of Fez Al-Bali, the Bouanani School, the Al-Attarin School, the Northern Tower, and the Palace of Dar Al-Batha.


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