The Emirate of Fujairah is located in the United Arab Emirates, where it is located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, and overlooks the Sea of ​​Oman. Fujairah has a long history, as it was considered the original home for all immigrants from southern Arabia and heading to the Levant and they were known in the past as the Phoenicians and knew They pioneered the seas and its world until they were called the giant of the seas and their lands were known as the land of the giants of the seas. Fujairah was named by this name because it is one of the most known lands where the eyes explode, where Fujairah is filled with water springs and this city is full of monuments and tourist places.

The most prominent tourist attractions in Fujairah and the best entertainment places in Fujairah:

  • Fujairah is one of the most ancient places in the world, and besides the monuments it contains, it is characterized by the beauty of nature that is not matched by another place where it is filled with wonderful coral reefs, rocks and shells, which are distinguished by its lightning beauty and wonderful shape, as for the heritage and culture of the country, there will not be one article in Describe her awful.

Ain Madab Sulfur Park:

  • We have also mentioned before that the city is full of eyes and springs of water as the garden is one of the most magnificent places that have been raised by sulfur water and the park receives thousands of visitors from all over the world and the history of this garden extends for about 100 years or more and also includes a number of trees, including Sidr trees and Al-Shuraish, as well as private places for entertainment and games, just as the park has two swimming pools for those sulfur waters, one for women and another for men. It is known that these sulfur waters treat many skin diseases and infections in nerves and joints, as the garden is one of the most beautiful places and most attractive to tourism Except Marat.

Bullfighting arena:

  • The place is one of the places most filled with suspense, fun and enthusiasm at the same time and is located in the square of the green field and these fights are held in bullfighting every Friday afternoon and tourists and citizens flock to it as it begins with the competition between a large number of bulls and ends up Wrestling between two bulls only, and they are often the biggest and most trained bulls until the competition ends, one of them will hit the other and toss it away.

Al Badia Mosque:

  • The mosque is considered one of the most beautiful archaeological sites, which is a wonderful architectural masterpiece, and it is located specifically in the road between Dibba Al-Fujairah and the city of Khor Fakkan. The mosque overlooks the sea. The mosque was established in 1447 and it is considered one of the most ancient mosques in that region and is still to this day Prayers are held in it, and some people know the mosque as the Ottoman Mosque, due to its Ottoman-like architecture.

Fujairah Museum:

  • Fujairah Museum is one of the most prominent museums in the Emirates and includes a large number of wonderful historical monuments that have been found in the region and are likely to be due to pre-Islamic times. The museum includes three halls, one of which includes some Islamic monuments of textiles and jewelry and others and others include a number Great artifact.

Fujairah Fort:

  • The castle was built between 1500-1550 AD The goal of building the castle at this time was to preserve the area from all attacks surrounded by danger from the English and Portugal.

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