The city restaurant Istanbul is one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul because of its great location and a distinctive menu, so it tops the list of the best Istanbul restaurants ever.

The Burak Istanbul restaurant is characterized by a great diversity in the dishes presented in addition to the wonderful quality and taste, and the advantages that it favors from others are the distinguished fiery and musical performances when serving food.

City restaurant in Istanbul

Best hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul has a large number of tourists from all parts of the world, so it embraces a luxurious group of hotels in Turkey, and below we will provide for your presence a list of the best Istanbul hotels according to the assessments and recommendations of previous Arab visitors .. Read more

Istanbul city restaurant price list

The dishes that the city restaurant Istanbul is famous for

Madinah Restaurant Istanbul Istanbul is one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul and it is characterized by serving famous Turkish dishes that vary between grills, starters, pastries and pies in addition to a large assortment of Turkish sweets with distinctive taste, hot and cold drinks.

Istanbul city restaurant menu

Istanbul city restaurant menu

The restaurant menu contains many dishes such as kebab with pottery and chicken, salt-covered meat, stuffed lamb, starters, pastries and pies.

In addition to a large assortment of delicious Turkish sweets, drinks such as natural juices and Turkish tea.

City restaurant Istanbul Atelier

Madinah Turkey Restaurant Reviews

Reviews of Arab restaurant visitors differed between excellent and very good, and most opinions differed between delicious eating of appetizers and main dishes, especially meals cooked with salt, which are not disputed by all visitors, and between quick and distinguished service and wonderful handling.

The guests mentioned some of the services that the city restaurant in Istanbul is distinguished from other restaurants, such as the services that the staff perform in an optimal manner in addition to the cleanliness of the restaurant and the different ways of serving food, while some visitors resented the price list of the city restaurant Istanbul, which some found somewhat high.

Istanbul city restaurant menu

City restaurant branches in Istanbul

There are 4 branches in Istanbul city restaurant, as follows:

City Restaurant Taksim

Al Madinah Restaurant or Celebrity Restaurant as it is called is one of the most important restaurants in Taksim where there is along the Istiklal Street, and employed by the most skilled chefs, headed by Chef Burak Ozdemir, and he is one of the most creative chefs in creating new and different methods of cooking to offer new Turkish and Arab meals .. Read More

City Restaurant Istanbul

City restaurant Istanbul Atelier

Al Madinah Restaurant Atelier branch is not different in terms of features from the main branch, as all branches offer a distinctive menu served by the most skilled professional chefs, and among the sights near the city restaurant branch, Istanbul Atelier Mall of Jewels Istanbul Sisli Shopping Mall which is 3.4 km away from the restaurant.

times of work

Daily for 24 hours.

City restaurant in Istanbul

Light City Restaurant

The restaurant is characterized by providing the best types of dishes from grills and different dishes that the place is distinguished from other restaurants in Istanbul, the place also cares to delight its visitors through wonderful offers in catering, and among the tourist attractions near the city restaurant in Istanbul, the Fatih branch is the Galata Tower, which The restaurant is 3.4 km away.

times of work

Everyday from 9:00 am to 12:00 midnight.

City restaurant Turkey Istanbul

Madinah Levent Restaurant

This branch is distinguished by offering a distinctive and varied menu that includes many wonderful Turkish dishes in addition to international cuisine, which is characterized by a team of skilled chefs.

times of work

All days of the week from 8:30 am until 1:00 after midnight.

City restaurant Istanbul Atelier

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