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Ataturk Memorial

The Ataturk Monument is considered one of the most important monuments in the Turkish city of Samsun, where it is known as the Statue of Honor, and its location is located in the Ataturk Park located in the Kadam area in Samsun. Which marks the beginning of the Turkish War of Independence, which extended between (1919-1923 AD).

Burial mound izetepe

This landmark is located in the village of Ekizetepe, in the Bavra neighborhood of Samsun. This hill belongs to the Lydians, the people of Anatolia who came to power during the seventh and sixth centuries B.C. These shrines represent a distinctive debris that is almost hidden in the landscape. In the village.

Amyssos Tipsy

Amesus Tepesi is located on the hill of Amesius, which is the place where the treasure of Amesus is found, which is represented by a large group of different jewelry made of pure gold, which is believed to belong to Mithridates, King of Pontus, and the site contains a shrine and two rooms, and can be reached through A beautiful wooden corridor is located under the pine trees overlooking the Black Sea.

Archeology and Ethnography Museum

The Museum of Archeology and Ethnography is characterized by huge Romen Byzantine mosaics, which are located close to the area of ​​Amicius, and it is indicated that it depicts the Trojan War, and the four seasons, in addition to sea monsters and nymphs. The place also contains many important antiquities, including golden jewelry dating back To the first century BC.

Other landmarks in Samsun

There are many other interesting landmarks in Samsun, including the following:

  • Samsun Port: It is one of the largest ports in the country, located on the coast of the Black Sea, and was modernized and expanded in the period of the sixties.
  • May 19 University: Which dates back to the year 1975 AD.
  • Ghazi Museum.
  • The mandate of Minister Cobro: It dates back to the ancient Hittites who inhabited Samsun since 2000 BC, and the state contains many beautiful landscapes, houses, and Ottoman mosques that were renovated in the city center.
  • Karagoren Village: This village is located a long distance from the urban world, and is characterized by its scenic landscapes.
  • Shaheen Kaya Valley: It is considered one of the most amazing landmarks in Samsun, as it is located on the Altan Kaya Dam in the state of Wazir Kupro, and it is the second largest valley in Turkey, and visitors to the place can participate in tourist tours to historical houses and mosques of Ottoman.

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