The most important landmarks in Frankfurt

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Romerberg Square

The Römerberg square is considered the historic heart of the German city of Frankfurt. It is a large square that includes many buildings and ancient historical monuments, including the municipality building dating back to the year one thousand four hundred and five and surrounds the square despite many Of the damage suffered by the scene during the Second World War, however, many of the monuments remain to this day, after they were restored and repaired.

Frankfurt Cathedral

The Frankfurt Cathedral is considered one of the most prominent and oldest churches in the German city of Frankfurt. It was built by order of Dom St. Bartholomew during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and visitors and tourists can tour the facilities of the church, see the exhibits, You can also climb to the top of the church tower, and see the landmarks of the city, and its areas.

The Museum of Post, and Communications

One of the most important museums of the German city of Frankfurt is the Museum of Post and Communications (German: Museum für Post und Kommunikation). It is distinguished by a wonderful and striking architectural design, which mixes originality and modernity, and includes within it many devices, tools and practices that express practices. Communication through earlier times to close periods, such as Babylonian clay tablets, the telegraph that was found in the Titanic, and the tools attached to it in the modern media sector.

The Stadl Museum

The Städel Museum is considered the oldest museum in Germany, where its history dates back to the year one thousand eighteen fifteen, and it displays inside it a large number of pieces and artworks dating back to the early fourteenth century CE and beyond, including private paintings The most famous artists, such as: Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet, in addition to displaying works of graphic art.

Senckenberg Museum

The Senckenberg Museum is located in a building that dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century AD, and is characterized by its wonderful architectural design in the Baroque style. .


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