The most important landmarks in Jeddah

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King Fahad’s fountain

The King Fahd’s Fountain, which is the largest fountain in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is located on the western coast of the Red Sea, with a height of about 312 meters, while the weight of the water that throws it into the air is approximately 18,000 kilograms, It is one of the important tourist attractions in the city, and it should be noted that this fountain can be seen from all over the city.

Tahlia Street

Tahliya Street is one of the important tourist destinations that tourists come to for the purpose of shopping, as it houses a group of luxury commercial shops, and it is indicated that it is now known as Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street.

Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Mall is one of the distinctive entertainment venues in Jeddah, where visitors intend to enjoy viewing its wonderful and beautiful traditional decorations, part of which is represented by pictures of historical Saudi personalities, in addition to that it includes specialized sales shops. Local clothing.

Floating mosque

One of the most important tourist destinations in the city is the Floating Mosque, also known as the “Fatima Al-Zahraa Mosque”. It is visited by millions of visitors every year, especially during the height of the sea wave (what is known as the tide), and the mosque is characterized by its unique and wonderful view It is white in color, knowing that its construction in the sea is based on pillars installed under the water, which gives it its floating appearance, and it is indicated that the mosque is equipped to perform the prayers in it, in addition to the fact that it receives visitors, and tourists who wish to visit it, and take pictures in it.

Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah Corniche, which is considered one of the most important recreational landmarks along the Red Sea coast, offers the visitor the opportunity to practice swimming in artificial bays dedicated to this, in addition to that it includes a wonderful resort that tourists visit, to enjoy the breathtaking views. On the sea, it also provides many facilities and services, including: private gardens for children, many restaurants, and a pedestrian path.


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