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Martyr’s Garden

Al-Shaheed Park, which is the largest urban park in Kuwait City, is located on the outskirts of the city, and it is considered one of the most important tourist places in the country; it is distinguished by its wide green areas, which reach 200,000 square meters, and there are a group of wonderful botanical gardens, and two museums , And a water lake, as well as places for walking and jogging.

Tareq Rajab Museum

The Tareq Rajab Museum, which is considered one of the best museums in Kuwait, is located in the Jabriya area, in a large villa, specifically on the lower floor, and it is a great example of ethnographic museums, and it should be noted that the museum reflects the customs, traditions, and cultures of different peoples, It also includes a group of musical instruments that are suspended inside glass cabinets, in addition to the presence of a group of Omani silver jewelry, Saudi jewelry, headwear such as a prayer hat, a Mongol helmet, a collection of necklaces, Bahraini pearls, as well as the dress of princesses .

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers, which is considered one of the most important, and most famous tourist landmarks in the city along the coast of the Arabian Gulf, is a group of towers of varying size, which number up to three towers: the main tower, and the tallest, which takes the shape of the censer, and the middle tower is A water tank that supplies the other two towers with water, and the last tower is the smaller tower that was designed in the form of a traditional Arab woman’s eyeliner, and it is his responsibility to provide lighting for the other two towers. The towers are distinguished by providing the visitor with a wonderful view of the city and the Arabian Gulf, in addition to a hall called the Dasman Hall, and a rotating platform.

the green Island

Green Island (English: Green Island), which is one of the best places in the city for relaxation and rest, is located along the coast of the Arabian Gulf, which is an artificial island with an area of ​​about three square kilometers, where it is characterized by the presence of a group of green trees surrounding it, in addition to the presence of a bathroom Swimming is located in the eastern side of it, and a large amphitheater that can accommodate more than 700 people, along with a tourist tower that provides wonderful views of the entire island, places for children, restaurants serving delicious food, and others.

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