The most important landmarks in New York

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The most important historical monuments in New York

  • statue of Liberty: The famous statue of liberty is located on Liberty Island in the bay of New York City, and it is a statue that France gave to the United States in one thousand eighty-five and eighty-five, where the statue stands on a platform to reach a height of ninety-three meters, which is a statue of a woman lifting up a torch in me The left is a plaque in which the history of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of America was written one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six.
  • Royal County Building: The building was constructed in one thousand nine hundred and thirty-one during the period of economic depression, and is a landmark of New York City with its design that follows the era of deco art, where visitors come to the building to enjoy the scenic views of New York City.
  • Town hall: This building is the oldest municipal house in America, as it dates back to the year one thousand eight hundred and twelve, and the building is located opposite the Brooklyn Bridge in Lower Manhattan.
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral: The cathedral was built in one thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine on the Gothic architectural style, and it is a huge cathedral with a length of 101 meters and a width of 53 meters, knowing that it can accommodate two thousand and two hundred worshipers.

The most important natural sites in New York

  • central Park: Central Park is not limited to trees, water features, and the picturesque nature of it; it includes some archaeological buildings, such as: Belvedere Castle, statues of Shakespeare, and Alice in Wonderland, as well as a lot of activities throughout the year, and its seasons.
  • High Line Park: It is a public park established on a railway track that is no longer used, as it rises in the air by 9,14 m, and the garden is filled with natural scenery, and the scenery of the Hudson River can also be enjoyed while walking in it.

The most important cultural landmarks in New York

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art: It is the most important metropolitan museum in America, as it contains more than two million works of art from around the world.
  • Museum of Modern Art: The museum is specialized in contemporary art related to painting, sculpture, architecture, and cinema. It was opened in the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine.
  • New York Public Library: It is one of the most famous libraries in New York. Visitors to the entrance receive black marble statues, and it has a reading hall that can accommodate about five hundred people. It also has exhibits in which approximately four hundred and thirty one thousand old maps are preserved.

The most important attractions in New York

The Times Square is one of the communal areas that visitors come to walk because traffic is not crowded, to eat, to enjoy the atmosphere of New York, and to watch the glowing billboards at night, a place full of visitors who number one thousand people up to a day .


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