Many tourists go to the United Arab Emirates, which is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, and this is because the UAE contains many tourist places and tourist attractions that attract tourists to it, as it is considered one of the most famous and famous countries in attracting tourists to it.
In today’s article on Arab travelers, we will inform you about the most famous tourist attractions in the United Arab Emirates, which attract tourists to a very large extent.

The most important landmarks in the Emirates:

The United Arab Emirates contains many emirates, and each of them contains many tourist attractions that attract tourists, and the most famous emirates that contain many monuments are the Emirate of Dubai, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and others.

Dubai city landmarks:

The city of Dubai is considered the second largest emirate of the country in terms of area, as it is currently considered one of the most Arab cities that attract tourists from various countries of the world because of its many components of tourism, and Dubai tourist attractions:

  • Dolphin Dubai:

Dolphin Dubai is one of the habitats of dolphins in the world, and Dolphin Dubai enables tourists to experience standing water, diving or swimming in the water besides playing with dolphins.

Other places for tourists to see dolphins in Dubai are:

  • Dolphin mixture at Atlantis Hotel.
  • Dolphin Park in Dubai Creek Park.
  • Cable Car:

Dubai is famous for having the cable car in which the Creek Park is famous, and this cable car has hanging carriages and this is in order for the visitor to enjoy watching the views of Dubai and the beautiful garden through these hanging carriages.
Many visitors go on a cable car to take a tour of the park from Al Garhoud Bridge to Al Maktoum Bridge and the visit ends at the same station again.

  • Sky Dubai:

Many tourists go to skydubai, which is covered in natural snow throughout the year, where it has about five tracks that vary in difficulty of slope and length, and Dubai residents provide visitors with a service to play with penguins.

  • Dubai water parks:

The water parks in Dubai attract a very large number of tourists from different countries of the world, it also allows visitors to experience water slides and water roller boats, as well as the adventures of the fast river and many other fun games.

Other water parks in Dubai:

  • Aquaventure Waterpark.
  • Wild Wadi Water Park.
  • Iceland Water Park.
  • Dubai Aquarium:

Dubai Aquarium is a water basin that contains about 65,000 marine animals, such as:

  • Eel.
  • Sharks.
  • Ferocious fish.
  • Walrus.

Other ponds that exist in Dubai and contain many amazing marine animals:

  • Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall.
  • Lost rooms in the Atlantis Hotel.
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk:

The Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk is a walkway surrounded by public squares and beaches such as Jumeirah Beach and the fountains, it also offers visitors the possibility to shop, and provides restaurants, hotels, cafes and others.

  • Downtown Dubai:

Downtown Dubai is the finest square kilometer in the world, as it includes the longest, best and largest tower in the world which is Burj Khalifa, and Downtown Dubai includes the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world, and contains the old city and the dancing fountain.

  • Burj Al Arab Hotel:

The Burj Al Arab is the finest and most luxurious hotel in the world, it is a seven-star hotel, and this luxury hotel is located on an artificial island about a hundred meters from the sea shore.

  • Burj Khalifa :

The Burj Khalifa is the highest skyscraper built by man in the world, and its height is about 828 meters.
Burj Khalifa houses a seven-star hotel _ Armani.
It also has the highest restaurant in the world and it is an Atmosphere restaurant.

  • Palm Island :

It is an artificial island in the form of a palm tree, and it is made up of three parts, namely the trunk, the crown and seventeen fronds, and surrounded by these semis, a semicircular artificial barrier, and includes a number of hotels and resorts, most notably the Atlantis Hotel, the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel, the Rixos Hotel, and others Many other hotels.

  • Dubai Metro :

The Dubai Metro is the first metro project in the Emirates that works without a driver, as this metro connects the Emirates to each other, and it contains nearly seventy-seven stations, including about nine underground stations.

Abu Dhabi city highlights:

The city of Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, located on the island of Abu B, as it is distinguished for its many tourist attractions, and the most important of them are:

  • Culture village :

It is the village located near the Marina Shopping Center, and it contains tents made of goat hair, and contains a fireplace, and visitors to the village can see the process of extracting water from old wells, in addition to viewing the irrigation system, and that this village contains old houses built from Bricks, in addition to old fishing villages and old markets.

  • Al-Maqtaa Fort:

Al Maqta Fort is one of the heritage and archaeological monuments in the city of Abu Dhabi, as this fort was built about two hundred years ago, to protect the Emirate of Abu Dhabi from the attacks of bandits, and this fort has been subject to many restorations in the past years.

  • Emirates Palace :

This palace is managed by many of Kempinski’s international hotels. The cost of building it amounted to about three billion dollars. The palace consists mainly of about four hundred rooms and suites. It is also considered one of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels in the world, and it used both gold, marbles and marble in building The palace is in its interior design, and the beach is located near the city near the Heritage Village and the Grand Marina Center.

  • Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque:

This mosque was built on the orders of the late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan.
It is also considered one of the most important and beautiful main tourist attractions in the city, and the reason is due to the unique and attractive mosque design, and the most luxurious types of marble, stone, gold, precious stones, crystal and ceramics were used in the construction of this mosque.

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