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Nessi Beach

Nissi Beach, which is characterized by its white sand and blue water, extends to a distance of approximately 500 meters, and it provides visitors with the opportunity to surf and walk on its sand, especially for those who love to walk during the evening or early morning, in addition to what it provides It is fun to play beach volleyball, and other activities. It is worth noting that this beach is one of the 57 local beaches classified under the (The Blue Flag) list.

Tombs of the Kings

The Tombs Of The Kings (English: Tombs Of The Kings), which is included in the list of world heritage sites of the United Nations, is located two kilometers from the archaeological park Kato Paphos in Cyprus, where these tombs consist of 7 graves, and well-preserved rooms that were used in The two periods: Romen, and Hellenistic, by the inhabitants of the city of Nea Paphos, particularly in the period between the two centuries (3 BC-3 AD), bearing in mind that they are influenced by the traditions of ancient Egyptians in terms of the necessity similar to the graves of homes designated for living. It is worth noting that these tombs were not belonging to kings, but were named by this name, due to their appearance and huge size.

Cyprus Museum

The Cyprus Museum explains the cultural development of the city during the period from the modern Era to the early Byzantine period, and it is the largest archaeological museum in it, as it includes collections of sculptures, pottery, copper, jewelry, metal coins, and other things that have been done Its discovery through fossils is widespread, knowing that these collections are displayed within a time frame according to each exhibition hall of the museum. It is worth noting that these artifacts help in addition to the artistic, historical, and archaeological importance they represent in the development of archeology in Cyprus and the cultural heritage related to the Mediterranean.

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