The most important landmarks of Dubai Miracle Garden

المسافرون العرب

We review with you, my dear reader, information about Dubai Miracle Garden, which is the miracle garden, or the so-called flower garden, which is the largest in the world, and it is located in the wonderful city of Dubai, visited by millions annually.
Dubai occupies the first place in the world as the most tourist city that attracts attention from all tourists, it is an important tourist destination and it has many distinctive tourist attractions and areas, as it contains several important historical and archeological places, in addition to the availability of many marine beaches that enjoy its water Turquoise clear, soft sand.
And we will talk during our article about one of the wonderful places in Dubai, which is the flower garden that has figures for the constellations and pyramids, and an Emirati plane, houses, and others, which includes more than 50 million flowers from all over the world, so we will review in some detail a set of information about them, you should Follow us

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is located in the south of Al Barsha, and its area reaches 72 thousand square meters, and it has many sculptures that were designed using flowers.
The park contains many different sections, among which are the following: –

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Mickey Mouse section

In this section, a model of Mickey Mouse was built using 100 thousand flowers, and its weight reaches about 35 tons. This section was opened to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the establishment of Disney, and this section was established according to a collaboration between Walt Disney Company and the Flower Garden in Dubai .

Butterfly Corridor

Among the highlights inside the garden, it was built in the form of a butterfly decorated with colorful flowers, and the wings of the butterfly were built with layers of flowers, and through it a long path was formed that people can walk through.

Corridor of Hearts

It is considered one of the major attractions in the garden, and each heart has been designed using a group of different flowers whose fragrance and fragrance smell to visitors who cross this path.

3D solid models

Inside this park are three-dimensional figures with a unique dimension and give a wonderful appearance to the garden.

Lost Paradise section

This section is located at a depth of twenty feet, which is an underground area decorated with flowers, and includes many flowering houses and cottages, and is one of the most important features of the flower garden.

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The model of the Emirates Airbus E 380

The world’s largest aircraft, this jet passenger plane has been redesigned in the garden with its huge size but with the use of 7 different types of flowers – Viola, Marigold, Coleus, Geranium, Petunia, Gelardia, Sinjabron.
And the design of this plane took flowers about two hundred days, and the number of flowers used increased, and reached about 500 thousand flowers, and the weight of the plane reached a hundred tons.
It took about four months for the number of roses required in the design of the Emirates Airbus A380 to be harvested.

Lake Park

The park also includes a wonderful lake that gives a wonderful landscape, and gives calm and psychological serenity to visitors.


A number of cabins with chairs, pillows for relaxation and curtains have been created for privacy.

Flower clock

One of the landmarks in the flower garden, up to 15 meters in height, all of which are made of flowers, and was designed by a company specializing in landscaping, and the mechanical parts of the watch were imported from the United States of America.

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It contains a different group of parasols, and this name was given it because of the different colored umbrellas that form the roof of the corridor, and it is decorated with different types of flowers, which exist in the sides of the corridor.
In addition to the aesthetic appearance, we notice that these passages provide a wonderful shade during the hot summer period.

Butterflies garden

In addition to the previous sections, we find that the Miracle Garden includes another different section called the Butterfly Garden, which is considered one of the largest butterfly gardens in the world, it includes about 15 thousand butterfly, and its area extends to about 2600 square meters.
We find that it consists of nine domes, each of which has its distinctive design, and in order to accomplish it was used in the latest modern technology, in order to control the different temperature that suits butterflies.
Visitors can see all the stages that the butterflies go through during their life, starting from the larva, until they reach full development.
And this garden is open all year round, unlike the flower garden that opens in the winter months only.
You can go to it from nine o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the evening, and we find that the entrance fee to the park is AED 55 for adults and children aged three years or more.
As for children under two years of age and those with special needs, they can enter for free.

The flower garden dates in Dubai

The audience is received from Sunday to Thursday from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, and on Friday and Saturday you can go to it from nine in the morning, until eleven in the evening.
It opens its doors during certain months of the year, and it starts from May to October, and it reopens again in November, while during the hot summer months it is closed.
It is located in the Dubailand area, and you can reach it by riding your own car, taxi, or by riding bus No. 105, which has a private park inside the park.

Entrance fee for flower garden at Dubai

The entrance fee for Miracle Garden is about 50 AED, while for children under 12 years old, their entry ticket will reach 40 AED.
For children under two years and with special needs, they enter free of charge without paying a fee.
This is how we learned about the flower garden in Dubai with its various departments. If you want to know more information and details about it, you should visit its website through this link.

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