The most important landmarks of Florence

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The Cathedral of Florence

The Florence Cathedral, which is an important symbol for the city of Florence, was built between the years 1296 CE -1436 CE, and the designer Arnolfo di Campio (in French: Arnolfo di Cambio) was built from the major cathedrals that spread throughout the cities. The other Italian, and although the original façade of the cathedral created at the site of the church of Santa Riparata itself was destroyed in 1587 AD, it was restored in 1864 CE, through the adoption of Gothic architecture.
Years later, huge bronze doors were added to the cathedral, and the marble panels of various sizes, shapes, and colors decorated the exterior appearance of them, while its dome, which is considered the largest dome in the world, was a unique design for it, where the wooden frame was not used in it. Unlike what was used to it at the time, as iron chains were used in their creation, and creativity in designing them was not limited to this, as the beauty inside it is considered complementary to the outside, as it contains marble and mosaic floors, which add an attractive appearance.

Bell tower

The Bell Tower, or the Campanile (English: The Campanile), provides a great opportunity to see the city of Florence, and the areas surrounding it, where you can climb through a ladder of 414 degrees to the top of this tower characterized by Gothic architecture, which Its construction began in 1334 AD by the architect Giotto di Bondone (in Italian: the lower level of which was named after him, although he did not have the opportunity to see it because he died before the construction was completed. It is worth noting that the tower contains many sculpted pieces that are delicately detailed, and also contain identical copies of the sixteen statues that were carved by several artists, such as: Andrea Pisanu, Donatello within the natural size, and the original ones.

Popoli Gardens

The Boboli Garden, one of the most important parks and green spaces in the city of Florence, the most famous of which is behind the Pitti Palace, is an open-air museum with its fountains, statues, mazes, caves, and so on. It provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors and tourists to enjoy the summer atmosphere and the scenic views.


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