Arab travelers, the most important landmarks of Hurghada, an integrated guide to tourist and entertainment places in Hurghada, which is one of the most beautiful places in the Red Sea Governorate, where millions of tourists from all over the world are accepted to visit it, and what distinguishes this city from other cities is its tourism diversity between the beaches Gardens, monuments, shopping malls and resorts, which helped her to be an ideal destination for families or friends, as it is one of the suitable destinations for those wishing to spend an ideal honeymoon, there can be a lot of activities and on top of which are water activities such as diving and snorkeling, and there can also be spending Nightlife Charming and eating delicious seafood with the most luxurious restaurants spread throughout the city.

The most important landmarks of Hurghada:

Tourism in the city of Hurghada:

Today, Hurghada has become one of the largest tourist centers in the whole of the Middle East, besides being one of the largest diving and snorkeling sites, where there are many international tourist islands such as the Abu Ramada Islands, Giftun, Fanadir, Umm Qamar and Majwish, and the largest tourist resorts have been built in it such as Soma Resort Bye, Sahl Hasheesh, Makadi Bay and El Gouna. This city is located on the western coast of the Red Sea, where it is located between a coastal plain between two plateaux. The climate of this city is characterized by moderate and hot days of the year, but temperatures drop during the night hours, and many European tourists travel to this is The city is in the winter months, starting from November to March.

The most important tourist places in Hurghada:

  • New port:

There is the new port of Hurghada in the new marina area, and this area is characterized by its crowded population and visitors who come to it to enjoy the wonderful marine atmosphere, and to get to know the port of Hurghada as one of the most prominent tourist places known in the city, where there are many wonderful cafes and restaurants, where you can spend Nice time over there.

  • The shrine of Imam Abu al-Hasan Ali al-Shazly:

This mausoleum is one of the most important mosques that date back to the era of the Ayyubid state in Egypt, this mausoleum is an old octagonal building, in each side of this building there is one window in the form of a rectangle, and the second in the form of lunar, while in the eighth side of the building there is The entrance to the shrine.

  • Grand Aquarium Museum:

It is considered one of the largest water museums at the level of the whole Middle East and North Africa and in the seventh place globally, this place is a very wonderful opportunity to enjoy a marine life experience up close, as this museum includes 22 water basins of the largest water basins in the world in terms of size in which The width of the live fish, as there is a glass tunnel of 24 meters in length, which gives the visitor a great opportunity to simulate the natural marine life by wandering under the water.

  • Hurghada Marina:

It is located in an area called Al-Thakala, Marina Hurghada is considered one of the most integrated recreational areas where it provides all means of pleasure and comfort, so it varies and varies in places between nightclubs, luxury hotels and discos, there is a marina for yachts and places for shopping, in addition to the presence of many noisy parties, there can enjoy Watching the sunset view with its golden and red rays, in addition to the presence of a number of cafes and many restaurants that offer different foods and delicious drinks, you can enjoy a meal or a delicious drink in front of charming panoramic views, where the yachts sway through the waters Red Sea, which attracts a lot of visitors who are looking for relaxation and fun, making Hurghada Marina of the most attractive areas in Hurghada.

  • Sinbad submarine:

The Sinbad submarine provides its visitors with a great opportunity to enjoy the enjoyment of watching under the sea water at a depth of 22 meters, this wonderful place that is adorned with many colorful fish and many coral reefs, this place is suitable for people who are not good at diving and want to see the enchanting views, this submarine continues an hour journey Under the water to see the magical world below the sea.

  • Hurghada desert:

Hurghada is characterized by its amazing wild desert, which provides a great atmosphere of adventure, excitement and fun, where quad biking or jeep rides can be enjoyed among the dunes located in the remote areas.

Best resorts in Hurghada:

  • Sahl Hasheesh Resort:

This tourist resort is located 25 km south of Hurghada, and Sahl Hasheesh is one of the most wonderful resorts in the Red Sea as a whole, and this tourist area is called the city of the wealthy because of the availability of all means of entertainment and comfort there, such as cinemas, theaters, slimming halls, shopping centers and spa, in addition to There are many other tourist attractions, as more than 14 tourist villages and hotels were built there. There is a golf course for golf lovers and there is an underwater Pharaonic village suitable for diving enthusiasts. This tourism is one of the new types of tourism in Egypt.

  • Makadi Bay Resort:

Makadi Bay Resort is located in the south of Hurghada, 30 km away, and this resort is one of the most important new tourism projects that aim to revitalize the natural places inside, as there are many tourism ingredients and activities in this resort, besides being one of the most beautiful romantic places I have not characterized From the purity, tranquility, and poetic atmosphere that suit romantic lovers and those wanting to spend an ideal honeymoon, Makadi Bay Resort was built on a water bay, which gives it a romantic character, along with the features of the beach walk path that was built along the beach, which gives a great opportunity to see the sea In his clarity And seeing its colors that delight the soul.

  • El Gouna Resort:

It is considered one of the most prominent resorts in Hurghada and the most famous resorts of the Red Sea Governorate, and it includes a number of diving and diving sites and many water sports, in addition to the fact that El Gouna Resort permits a huge number of water channels that give a huge architectural mix, so there is around every chalet, villa and water channel building built above. A small bridge in order to facilitate the movement, and El Gouna is one of the centers of interest for golf and water sports lovers, in addition to the presence of a small museum that displays 90 exhibits of art by contemporary artist Hussein Bikar.

  • Soma Bay Resort:

Abu Sama Bay or Soma Bay product is a peninsula surrounded by sea water from all sides, and this resort is considered one of the quietest and most beautiful resorts in the city of Hurghada, as there are a number of different sites for coral reefs that are attractive to tourists, and one of the best places to relax in Businessmen in Egypt and the Arab world, due to its calm, purity and warm sunshine.

  • The Desert Rose Resort:

This resort is located in the center of Hurghada, where it has a spa, three pools, a private beach on the Red Sea beach, and a pool for children. In this resort, massage treatments are provided for relaxing at the spa center, which includes a sauna and gym, and a kids club is available for Recreation and entertainment, it is possible to practice diving or surfing on the beach. There is also a restaurant on the beach where fresh seafood is served, as well as italyn and Lebanese dishes, and a transport service is available to the city center.

  • Sheraton Resort:

This resort is located on the beach of Soma Bay, which is 30 km from Hurghada. It features a large outdoor pool and a golf course. Guests can enjoy dining in the open air on the terrace of the international restaurant overlooking the sea. You can also try the italyn restaurant and enjoy watching the chefs while They prepare food.

The most popular diving sites in Hurghada:

  • Giftun Island:

Or as it is known as the Giftun Reserve, which is considered in terms of its tourist importance is the first in Hurghada, where it is located on the coast of the Red Sea and is the first natural reserve in the region, as it is considered the original home for the seagulls, this reserve includes about 50% of seagulls in the whole world , It also protects many species of animals and plants and many rare fossils that need care and a safe environment in order to live and reproduce.
One of the most characteristic of Giftun Island is its soft sand and the beauty of its beaches, as it contains more than 14 diving sites, and this island is one of the most beautiful diving sites in the city of Hurghada, and its importance is due to being a nature reserve that is characterized by purity and virginity because of its distance from pollution and the hands of corruption, which helped To increase the interest of tourists to visit this island, where it is visited between 40-60 floating every day to transport tourists to the island, there there are the most beautiful landscapes where serenity, purity and calm.

  • Magawish Island:

It is considered one of the largest tourist islands in the heart of the city of Hurghada, and they call this island the Paradise of the Red Sea, where there are many tourism activities such as horseback riding and surfing, and it is one of the attractions of many divers who love to dive down the bottom of Magawish, due to its enjoyment The bottom of this island is from a picturesque ecosystem, and there is a beach with a length of 2 km. This beach is characterized by the calmness of its waves and its virgin nature, where a number of attachments were provided that provide all means of recreation and comfort.

  • Shadwan Island:

It is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Red Sea Governorate, as it is close to the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba and near the Gulf of Suez, and is located 30 km away from Hurghada, one of the most famous things about this island is diving and diving tourism, as it is allowed to catch it but swimming is not allowed This is because it is a rocky island, which exposes visitors to injuries.

  • Gopal Strait:

It is a narrow strip found in the water and is confined between the western coast of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea coast and this strait is considered one of the most famous main diving destinations in the city of Hurghada, one of the most distinguishing waters in this region is that it contains the wreck of a warship that sank during the days of World War II This fool was discovered by the well-known French diver Jacques Cousteau in the 1950s, which helped make this area attractive to many tourists in order to see the shipwreck and enjoy the magic of coral reefs, as well as the ability to swim with dolphins in more than 30 diving sites.

  • Abu Minqar Island:

It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Red Sea, as it is located off the coast of Hurghada, and covers an area of ​​2 km. This island covers some coral formations that are distinguished by their wonderful beauty, in addition to its organic sands that are very beneficial for medical tourism.

  • Fanadir Island:

It is considered one of the most beautiful diving sites in Hurghada, because of its long, narrow and very calm coral reefs, Fanadir Island is considered a site for many different types of diving, so beginners diving, deep diving and diversional diving can be practiced, and divers prefer the eastern side of the island because it is protected from Weather by a thin arc of coral.

  • Abu Remada Island:

It is considered one of the most amazing diving places in the Red Sea Governorate as a whole, it is one hour away from the city of Hurghada, once entering the island’s beach, the visitor feels as if it is a unique and distinct place from the other diving centers located in Hurghada, as soon as descending to the bottom there is a sunken fountain filled with wonderful coral reefs and some It is a rare fish.

  • Abu Al-Nahhas Dive Site:

It is located 65 km southeast of Hurghada, this site is located directly from the island of Shadwan and gives an enormous opportunity to explore the wreckage of seven ships under the sea, the most famous of which is the wreck of the Carnatic ship, one of the cargo ships of the United Kingdom. It sank in 1869 and is still to this day a case Good in terms of the ship’s skeleton, which is now home to a plethora of magical coral reefs, Olden shipwrecks that sank in 1987, Kimon M’s wreck that sank in 1978, Giannis D. ship that sank in 1983 and Chrysoula K vessel that sank in 1981, considered reefs Coral reefs this Ships as they cause a great danger to the life of maritime navigation, and the reason they are called in the name of copper is that the ships that were destroyed and sunk in this place contained copper element, and this place is considered one of the most popular diving sites that are popular in Hurghada.

  • Kaoulos:

It is one of the most beautiful diving and snorkeling sites in Hurghada, due to its picturesque virgin nature that distinguishes this place. Carlos Bay is also characterized by the presence of some intertwined coral forests where many rare fish species such as murray, shark, tuna, hammer and other unique fish live in it.

The most important neighborhoods in Hurghada:

  • Al-Sakkala Neighborhood:

This neighborhood is adorned with the presence of a number of hotels, shopping centers and tourist villages, as well as the presence of many clubs the night open until after midnight in front of lovers of night life and its hustle and bustle and a number of restaurants.

  • Neighborhood neighborhoods:

It is considered one of the most modern tourist neighborhoods, and it has a wonderful tourism future, because it contains a number of tourist resorts that are still under construction, so there are expectations that in the near future will be one of the most important tourist neighborhoods.

  • Al-Dahar neighborhood:

This neighborhood is considered to be one of the most popular neighborhoods, as it is characterized by its Bedouin nature, so there is the traditional Egyptian character in terms of randomness in buildings and the shape of markets, and despite the traditionalism that the place enjoys but it is greatly admired by foreign and Arab tourists, due to the characteristics of the products presented in The markets of this neighborhood are of low quality and price.

The most important tourist things to do in Hurghada:

  • Spend a good night:

It is one of the enjoyable things that can be practiced in Hurghada, where astronomical trips leave from Hurghada after dusk to go to the desert in order to enjoy a wonderful evening and look up to the sky that is filled with bright stars to come out with a wonderful adorable view that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

  • riding a camel :

This activity is suitable for those wishing to spend a short stroll on the beaches, and also suitable for those wishing to spend a long journey during which they go to the desert, where the Bedouins present in the region provide a number of camels and then accompany the tourists on a pleasant outing through which you can see the scenery amid the charming desert from High saddle and an authentic Bedouin atmosphere.

  • Have a Bedouin dinner:

Approaching and mixing with Bedouin life is truly wonderful, when the evening comes, Hurghada becomes more like a magical atmosphere where Bedouin dinner tours that many resorts are keen to offer to tourists and travelers who love food, so eating a Bedouin dinner is a great opportunity to experience some delicious Egyptian meals, with Enjoy a full Bedouin atmosphere, from Bedouin tents in their traditional form, to their wonderful home food and traditional Bedouin music to Bedouin dance.

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