The most important landmarks of Jizan

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Jizan city is considered one of the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the most southwestern region of the Kingdom, and the western coastal region on the Red Sea, bordered to the north by Sabya Governorate, to the east by Abu Arish Governorate, to the northeast by Damad Governorate, and from the south to the south by the Samtah Governorate and one of the theaters. From the west it is bordered by the Red Sea, which is the capital of the Jazan region and its administrative center, and it includes the Jazan Port and the regional airport, and the population of Jazan City reaches 157,536 people, according to the statistics available for the year 2010 AD, and Jazan is characterized by its archaeological, historical and even natural features, and in this article we will talk About the most important of those monuments.

The most important landmarks in the city of Jizan

Fifa Mountains

It is a series of mountains that are located east of Jizan, and these mountains are characterized by a hierarchy, and they are very steep in all respects, which makes them a distinguished destination for climbing enthusiasts, and these mountains are adorned with green, especially during the spring and summer seasons, and they are full of wildlife, especially Aromatic plants and flowers.

Al-Dossarya Castle

Also called the Ottoman Castle, where it dates back to the era of the Ottoman Empire, from which it took the seat of the ruler in the city of Jizan, and the castle is located on the highest peak of a mountain high, and overlooks the Red Sea, and its height is estimated at one hundred and fifty meters above sea level, and the total area of ​​the castle is nine hundred meters Square, which is almost square in shape and supported by four huge towers in size and height, and the castle is considered one of the most important monuments that attract visitors, due to its distinctive location and ancient history, as it was not used only by the Turks, but was used during the reign of the two kings Abdul Aziz and Saud, and was taken in a period ofThe periods are a center for education and teaching.

Salt Mountain

Jizan lies on top of a large rock salt, especially in its four ancient lanes, Al-Ashaima Quarter, Al-Jabal Lane, and Red Mountain, and Mudaraba. Salt is also found in abundant quantities in the metamorphic sedimentary mountains that form a natural barrier between Jizan City and the Red Sea from the west. And decades passed since the discovery of the Salt Mountain, which is considered a natural wealth for the region and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a whole, especially since the studies conducted on the mountain confirmed the purity of salt in it to a high degree.

Beach Beach

He means adventure lovers and marine sports, and through him a person can reach the nearby Farasan Islands for diving and get to know the most beautiful coral reefs in that region.

Therapeutic water eyes

These eyes are about seventy-five kilometers away from Jizan, and visitors come to them for treatment purposes, especially rheumatic diseases and skin diseases as well, where the water temperature reaches forty-five degrees Celsius.

The warm eye Bani Malik

It is one hundred and twenty two kilometers away from Jizan, and the site is equipped with all requirements, and it includes a section for men and another for women.

Jazan Museum

The museum introduces visitors to the history and civilization of Jizan and includes the exhibition hall, the laboratory of space, and drawing, in addition to the photography and restoration laboratory, a laboratory, as well as a television exhibition hall, and a library containing many books and other important publications.

Tourist Edge Anchorage

It is the main outlet for tourists who go to Jizan to enjoy cruises to the nearby islands, and do well-known sports and marine activities, such as fishing and diving, where there is a floating dock in the marina, and a café to provide drinks and fast food, in addition to a kiosk for fishing, and a shop selling trips, to The side of the office that organizes trips in place.

Heritage Village

The village refers to an important and long period of time in the history of the Jazan region. The village includes the mountain house, the Tohami house, the Persian house, popular markets and other landmarks. The tourist village is located in the southern corniche of Jizan.


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