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London is one of the cities that attract tourists from all over the world, and it has won the title of the most popular city for tourists in recent years, due to its beauty and creativity in various fields, some of them intend to enjoy its charming beauty, and some of them intend to draw from its culture, and taste Its fine art, while others visit it for entertainment and recreation, and in this article we will talk about London and its most important landmarks for tourists.

General information about the city of London

It is the capital of the United Kingdom, and the cultural, political and economic activity of the United Kingdom is concentrated in it, and its population is approximately eight million, and it is called “the city of fog”; The most famous theaters and museums such as Madame Tussauds (Madame Tussauds Museum), Tate Britain, and universities like the Imperial College London, are home to many international and international organizations, and have been mentioned in many international and Arab novels and plays; k A writer is the case with Shakespeare because of its features are difficult to be identified in points, passing in London, one of the most rivers and is the River Thames, which is the longest river in England.

The most important tourist attractions in London

The most important tourist attractions in London:

  • Big Ben Watch (in English: It is a very old watch, dating back approximately one hundred and fifty years, and it is frequented by tourists from all over the world to watch this edifice, which has increased its popularity by appearing in many movies.
  • Westminster Abbey: It is located west of Westminster Palace and is one of the most prominent religious places known in London, and is built in the Gothic style.
  • Palace of Westminster: The building dates back to the nineteenth century and is the seat of the United Kingdom Parliament.
  • Buckingham Palace: It is the headquarters of the royal family, and it is used to receive heads of state and other official receptions, and is a destination for thousands of tourists every year.
  • Tower of London: Which was built by William Al-Fateh in 1078 AD, which is a historical castle located in central London, and was used as a prison although it was not built mainly for this purpose, as it was intended to establish a headquarters for the ruling class at the time.
  • British Museum: It is one of the largest and most important museums in the world, as it was established in 1753 AD, it includes a large group of mummies outside the country of Egypt, and it contains the key used to decipher hieroglyphs.

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