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Dibod Temple

Templo de Debod is one of the most famous Egyptian temples outside of Egypt, as it was sent as a gift of thanks to Spain in 1968, after it helped to preserve some of the archaeological sites during the floods caused by the Aswan Dam, and this temple was built in the early 2nd century BC, south of Aswan, many expansions were added to this temple by the Ptolemaic family and beyond, including the Romen Emperor Augustus and Tiberius.

Gran Via Street

Construction of Gran Vía Street began in 1906, to link Calle de Alcalá to Plaza de España. Gran Via is one of the most famous streets of Madrid, and it shows different styles of architecture from the twentieth century in some of the most famous buildings. Madrid, including the building of the skyscraper (Telefónica), and dozens of cinemas. This street is nowadays one of the most famous shopping streets in the capital, Madrid, and is home to many restaurants and hotels.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is one of the most famous landmarks in Madrid, so this square forms the focus of daily life for both the local population and visitors, and it is one of the most famous examples of luxury architecture in the city, and this square is filled with restaurants and cafes that extend along The square that attracts visitors.

Del Prado Museum

The El Prado Museum is considered one of the most famous museums of classic arts in Madrid, with almost 7,000 artifacts to be seen, including the Las Meninas painting by Diego Villachette, famous black paintings, in addition to To a group of works by the painter El Greco.

San Francisco El Grand Royal Church

The Royal San Francisco El Grand Church was built in 1760 AD during the reign of Carlos III, and this church is located in the same place where St. Francis founded the Franciscan Monastery in 1217 AD in the neighborhood of La Latina, overlooking the San Francisco Square, and the structure of this church contains a dome with a width 33 meters high and 58 meters high, it is the fourth largest dome in the world.

Royal Palace of Madrid

The Royal Palace of Madrid is the Spanish version of the famous Versailles Palace, and it is a private property designed to impress. This palace is located on a steep slope overlooking lush gardens, and it is a building built entirely of granite and white colmenar stone, and this building was commissioned by Philip V in The eighteenth century, characterized by its majestic façade and long columns.

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