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The old port of Marseille

The old port of Marseille (in French: Vieux Port) is famous for being an active port that is crowded with yachts, and tourist boats that are a means of entertainment for tourists, besides boats dedicated to fishing, knowing that there are thousands of ships that dock in this old port, which makes it a vital port in a city French Marseille, and besides all this includes many cafes, and others.

Marseille Historical Museum

One of the most important tourist attractions in the French city of Marseille is the Marseille Historical Museum (in French: Musée d’Histoire de Marseille), where it displays the history of Marseille – which is the oldest city in France – from ancient times (before history), until the present day; As it contains twelve time exhibitions specific to each of these historical eras of the city.

It should be noted that the museum building that was built alongside the remains of a Greek port that was discovered in the region includes many archaeological pieces, and prominent landmarks, such as the remains of the merchant ship dating back to the third century, which were discovered in 1974 AD, knowing that this ship was drained Using the freezing process, so that visitors and tourists can see it displayed behind the glass in the museum.

St. Mary’s Great Church

The Romen Catholic Church, called the Church of Saint Mary the Great (in French: Cathedrale Sainte-Marie Majeure) is famous for being one of the most important monuments of the national city of Marseille, where it is the seat of the diocese of Marseille, and despite the fact that its current building dates back to the second half of the century The nineteenth century, although it contains some sectors dating back to the twelfth century AD, but the site in which it was built is considered a site dedicated to worship since the fifth century AD.

Kennedy Corniche

Corniche Kennedy (English: Corniche Kennedy) is known for its coastal road because it contains many rocky beaches on one side of it, which means that it is considered an appropriate destination for those who wish to relax, relax, and on the side The other one includes major hotels, parks, restaurants, etc. It also provides tourists, visitors with the opportunity to ride bicycles, and wander along it to other beaches in the city.

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