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Amman is located in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which is the center of the capital governorate, and is considered the largest city in the Kingdom, between the latitude of 31 north, and the longitude of 35 east, and its population is estimated at about 4 million people, according to the statistics of 2014, and it has many important and historical landmarks , Which made it a place for tourists to visit, and in this article we will learn about the most important landmarks of Oman.

The most important landmarks of Oman

King Abdullah I Mosque

It is considered one of the oldest mosques in Amman, and it is located in the center of the country, and next to it are many other mosques, in addition to many churches, and in the year 402 AH, the first cornerstone was laid in it, and expansions continued to take place and its name changed, and in the eighties of the twentieth century arrived The number of worshipers in it after the process of widening to 3000 worshipers, in order to perpetuate the name of King Abdullah I.

Umayyad palace

It was built at the top of the Citadel in Amman Jordan, and the Umayyads were built in the seventh century AD, and the palace is made up of three different sections, and it was said that it was built on the foundations of ancient Romen buildings, and the palace is a tourist center to which many tourists come, specifically those accused of the history of the Umayyad state and researchers, It contains wonderful and profound motifs in the wonderful arts of the history of the Umayyad period.

Hercules Temple

It is one of the Romen temples, and it is considered one of the largest Romen temples found in the world, so that it is larger than those in Rome itself, and it was named the name Hercules in relation to the god Hercules in the ancient beliefs of the Romens, where they believed that he took over the protection of the country, and also has a statue in the temple, and is considered One of the most important tourist centers in Jordan.

The Byzantine Church

It dates back to the Byzantine times, it is located within the walls of the city’s castle, and was built in the sixteenth century, and it is close to the Temple of Hercules, and the Jordanian government has restored the church, and it is considered one of the well-known and famous landmarks in Jordan, and specifically for Christian tourists, where they come from all over the world.

Other parameters

  • Jordan Archaeological Museum: It was built in the year 1951 AD, and it is located at the top of the Citadel Mountain in Amman. All Jordanians have left many artifacts of all kinds, and put them in a comprehensive museum.
  • Romen amphitheater: It was built on Jabal Al-Joufah on the eastern side of Amman, in the second century AD.
  • Al-Abd Palace: It is located in the western side of Amman, specifically about 35 meters from the town of Iraq al-Amir, and was built in the second century AD, during the reign of King Salqous IV.

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