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The city of love, or the city of lights, as it is called by most, is considered one of the most beautiful and prestigious European and international cities, and it is the capital of France and has been and still is important for two thousand years, and includes many different works, whether commercial, artistic or recreational, in addition to the role of global fashion spread in it And architecturally, it is spread over many places and landmarks, and the most important of which are the following:

The most important landmarks of Paris

  • Concord Square: It is a large square located on the eastern side of the Champs-Elysées Street, and it was at the beginning of the French King Louis XVI, and many figures including Marie Antoinette were executed in it, and it includes an Egyptian obelisk three thousand years ago located near the Luxor Temple in the nineteenth century.
  • Saint Shabelle: It is a symbol of the Gothic architecture that was built specifically in the year 1239 AD, and the ninth French king is considered to have been commissioned to build it to be considered one of the emotional effects that have existed since the Middle Ages, and despite this damaged during the French Revolution, he regained his splendor in the nineteenth century when It was supplied with a large number of stained glass.
  • Pompidou Center: It is an architectural building that includes a large and spacious library, in addition to a modern national art museum and it is the largest museum in Europe and concerned with modern art, in addition to a cinema hall and a panoramic design terrace located on the first three floors, which was commissioned to build this center is the French President Georges Pompid and therefore named In his name.
  • The Cote Museum: This Museum of Impressionist Paintings is located on the old railway station, and annually displays thousands of artworks.
  • Luxembourg Gardens: It is a public park and is considered the second largest in Paris, and it includes many picturesque meadows that attract a large number of tourists to it, as it has fruit orchards and a group of statues and artifacts, and most of the likes to go to it are sports players; because it includes many tracks dedicated to running and playgrounds Tennis as well as machines for fitness.
  • White basilica: It is a church located on top of a hill called Montmartre, characterized by its luxury and beautiful architecture, it is made of marble, both inside and outside, and is also punctuated by golden mosaics and stained glass.
  • Eiffel tower: Many of us connect Paris to the Eiffel Tower, and the first place for tourists to go is this great tower located in the garden of Champ de Mars, and contains a series of restaurants and quiet meetings.

Tourism in Paris

Paris is the third French city in the world in terms of the number of tourists, as the number of tourists annually is 18 million, in addition to the tourist and archeological attractions that we mentioned in this article, Paris is also famous for its cafes, restaurants, theaters, theaters, and theaters.

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