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One of the Arab countries located in the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, to the southwest of the Asian continent, so that it overlooks the Arabian Gulf, and Qatar has land borders with the southern regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and maritime borders with the United Arab Emirates, and Doha is considered the official and political capital of it In Qatar, there are a number of important landmarks that attract large numbers of tourists.

The most important landmarks of Qatar

The State of Qatar is distinguished for its many distinctive features, among which are:

  • Islamic art museum: Designed by the well-known international architect (IMB), the museum includes a large collection of Islamic arts worldwide, as it was collected from three continents over a thousand and four hundred years.
  • The Corniche: Among the most popular areas among people, and the most frequent visitors are pedestrians, jogging enthusiasts, and degree drivers, especially those who love to practice sports early in the morning, and through which many scenic views can be seen stretching on the horizon, so the Corniche attracts a large number of researchers from Such scenes.
  • Souq Waqif: It can be reached within a few minutes from the Corniche, and it is considered the social center of the capital, Doha; it is classified as a shopping center, and it is often crowded with tourists and visitors who roam between its unique architectural buildings between alleys, and between shops and even various cultural.
  • Falcon Market: It is located next to the Souq Waqif, where everything related to the falcon bird is spread, and you will find in its yards falcon coaches sitting in the open air.

Other landmarks in Qatar

Among the landmarks in Qatar:

  • Aspire Park: It is classified as one of the largest parks in the Persian Gulf, where there are many attractive landscapes, especially the desert ones, and the other attraction is the Torch Tower, which is also called the Aspire Tower, which is three hundred meters long.
  • Katara Cultural Village: Located on the east coast between the Arabian Gulf and The Pearl, it was established to represent a beacon of culture and art at the level of the Middle East, through its display of music, conferences, literature and exhibitions.
  • The Pearl Qatar: It is an artificial island located within a lake in the Arabian Gulf outside the borders of the capital, Doha, and it represents the first land available for ownership by foreign nationals in Qatar.
  • Qatar National Museum: It includes everything related to Qatar in terms of culture and ancient heritage, as well as a good example of Arab culture. It is built in the vicinity of the original Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani Palace, and it is ranked second on the level of Qatar museums in terms of the amount of monuments in it.
  • Celine Beach Resort: It represents a mixture of the desert and marine life of Qatar at the same time, in which many tourism tourism activities can be practiced.
  • Zubara: Among the most important historical cities located in the northern side of the Gulf, where there are many traditional houses built of limestone mixed with mud.

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