The most important landmarks of Qatar

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Khor Al Adaid Beach

The State of Qatar is distinguished for its many landmarks and tourist destinations, perhaps the most notable of which is the stunning Khor Al Udaid Beach. It includes it in the far southeastern part of it, specifically 78 kilometers from Doha, knowing that this beach It is distinguished by its sand dunes that may reach some 40 meters in height in some parts.

Al Wakra Museum

The Al Wakra Museum is considered one of the most important monuments of the State of Qatar, as its history is represented by its archaeological and historical pieces, in addition to its distinguished architecture that makes the visitor feel the admiration, passion, attractiveness, and mystery surrounding the museum all of which.

Qatar National Library

The Qatar National Library (English: Qatar National Library) located in the Qatari city of Doha contains an estimated 2,000,000 books, including the Noble Qur’an, maps, ancient manuscripts, and literature books, dating back to the fifteenth century AD, bearing in mind that what It is housed in ancient heritage books, kept on maze-like shelves in the middle of the inner hall.
The library also contains exhibition spaces and places for work, in addition to a children’s library, a restaurant, and others. It is worth noting that visitors are allowed to read books without borrowing them, as this is permissible for residents of Qatar only, but with regard to the registration studio equipped with the necessary tools, it is only allowed to book it by residents of Qatar, knowing that its use is free.

Doha Corniche

The waterfront that characterizes Doha in Qatar is one of the most important tourist attractions in it, where the Doha Corniche (English: Corniche) which extends over a distance of 7 kilometers provides tourists and visitors with an attractive aesthetic view of the water, in addition to the opportunity to enjoy watching the skyscrapers High clouds, which are located in the West Bay, and traditional sailboats. It should be noted that visiting this corniche in the late afternoon of Friday afternoon is a good choice, given that it is the best time for that.


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