The most important landmarks of Salalah

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Mnev Cave

The natural appearances around the Cave of Al-Mannif (English: Al Marneef Cave) between a white sandy beach and fountains of enchanting waters from the sea emanate through openings in the ground to a high distance in the air, and the mountain that stands tall and includes seats that allow visitors to enjoy a pleasant view from what This cave, located near Al-Mughassil Beach, makes it a convenient destination for nature lovers.

The tomb of the Prophet Job

The tomb of Prophet Ayoub’s Grave, which is located in the northwestern part of the city of Salalah, and specifically on the summit of Jabal Uten is one of the important landmarks in it, where it is possible to walk to reach it via the Ain Geriz Road. It should be noted that visitors can enjoy the natural history of the area, and the rare trees in it.

Darbat Valley

Wadi Darbat (English: Wadi Darbat), which is located in the city of Salalah in the Dhofar Governorate, contains many natural features that make it a picturesque garden, where a visitor can enjoy watching the waterfalls, caves, lakes, mountains, vegetation, and wildlife, in addition to what it provides The valley is of beauty, and attractiveness.

Al-Baleed archaeological site

The Al Balid Archeological Site, which is located on the coastal strip of the city of Salalah, is one of the most important monuments in it, as it is one of the most important commercial ports and ancient cities, where historical evidence indicates that this archaeological city had prospered and developed during the two centuries : The twelfth and sixteenth centuries AD, and specialists believe that the monuments indicate that although the site’s history dates back to before Islam, it acquired unique Islamic architecture. What is seen in the Great Mosque that is believed to have been built during the seventeenth century From the manifestations of M. An impressive architecture is evidence of this.
In addition to the foregoing, the Al-Baleed site includes Al-Baleed fortress, and several coins that indicate that, according to historical research, the site was inhabited, from the end of the fifth millennium BC to the beginning of the fourth millennium BC. It should be noted that the site was rebuilt during the fifth century AD.


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